Mushroom guide includes lots of photos


COLUMBUS  — Just in time for the spring season, there’s a new book available for Midwestern mushroom hunters.

Mushrooms and Macrofungi of Ohio and the Midwestern States describes more than 140 mushrooms, including both edible and poisonous types, that a person may find in woods and fields. 

It features high-resolution color photographs and 23 color-coded groups for identification. 

Macrofungi are fungi that can be seen with the unaided eye. They include mushrooms, stinkhorns, polypores and slime molds. 

The book’s authors include: Landon Rhodes, associate professor emeritus in Ohio State University’s Department of Plant Pathology; Britt Bunyard, publisher and editor-in-chief of Fungi Magazine; Walter Sturgeon, president of the Ohio Mushroom Society; and Sarah Williams, academic program specialist, also in Ohio State’s plant pathology department. 

“The idea for the book started with a class in Plant Pathology called ‘Field and Woodland Fungi,’ “ Williams said. “The instructor, Dr. Rhodes, would keep a running list of the mushrooms that the students saw on their weekly forays looking for mushrooms around Ohio. The ones that were found in abundance, and that readers will likely find, were included in this book.” 

The spiral-bound book has 166 pages.

To order

The publisher is Ohio State University Extension, and the book may be ordered through OSU Extension county offices or online through OSU Extension’s eStore at The price is $26.25 plus Ohio state sales tax and shipping.


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