New book reveals Ohio’s history


ATHENS, Ohio – Presenting documents that help Ohio’s history come alive in the minds of readers, The Documentary Heritage Of Ohio, published by Ohio University Press Jan. 31, also includes eyewitness, first-person narratives that will keep readers turning pages.

What’s in it.

The editors include constitutions, laws and ordinances that have shaped Ohio’s institutions and the lives of its people and that are basic to understanding the development of the state.

The second volume in the Ohio Bicentennial Series, published in association with the Ohio Bicentennial Commission, the book is a valuable record for Buckeye bookshelves.

The inaugural volume of the Ohio Bicentennial Series, Ohio on the Move: Transportation in Buckeye State, was published in March 2000.

The first systematic scholarly account of the transportation history of Ohio explores intercity bus and truck operations, commercial aviation, river and lake transport, canals, steam railroads, electric interurbans, and mass transit.

In all, 10 books are planned for the Ohio Bicentennial Series, which will give the public, scholars, and students a comprehensive picture of the state’s development.

Future publications.

Other tentative titles in the series are: Ohio Political and Social Humor; Women in Ohio History; Historic Ohio’s First Peoples; Governors of Ohio; Ohio: A Pictorial History; Ohio Utopian Communities; Ohio’s Underground Railroad; and Ohio Migration and Immigration.


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