New FSR exhibit targets small farms


LONDON, Ohio – “If you build it, we will come.” At least that’s the idea behind the new Center for Small Farms, according to Marti Smith, American Small Farm magazine.

This display will be one of the new attractions at the 2001 Farm Science Review, Sept. 18-20.

About the attraction. The Center for Small Farms, which is co-sponsored by the American Small Farm magazine and the Review itself, is “geared toward manufacturing agribusinesses that assist smaller acreage farmers (1-500 acres),” said Smith.

The display will allow Review exhibitors to target small farmers with their information and products, said Craig Fendrick, Farm Science Review manager.

Manufacturing equipment and products, new technology, and the American Small Farm Association will be a few of the exhibits catering to the smaller farmers, said Smith.

Exhibit location. The 22,500 square-foot exhibit area, which will be located north of Federation Park, will display pieces of small farm equipment.

Signs will direct farmers to the dealer’s other location in the Review where they can receive more information, said Smith.

This idea is being classified as a “show within a show,” said Fendrick.

“We have been to many shows, and most of our readers want an area with equipment for them, all in one spot,” said Smith.

Offering convenience. “We recognize the need and value of our reader’s time, so we wanted to do all we could to make it convenient for them.”

The new display is not a first for the magazine. In fact, they have done a similar exhibit at the Sunbelt Ag Expo in Georgia, where it is a big success, said Smith.

As for the future, Smith thinks that when agribusinesses see the value and interest to small farmers, the exhibit will grow.


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