ODA offers free nitrate testing of corn stalks


REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio – Ohio growers concerned about elevated levels of nitrate content in drought-stressed corn stalks to be chopped for livestock forage or silage may bring or send samples to the Ohio Department of Agriculture to be tested free.
Sampling process. Due to varying moisture levels in fields, the nitrate concentration in a corn stalk may vary by field location. Representative samples should be collected from six areas in the field.
Start 3 inches above the ground and take 18 inches of the stalk. Coarsely chop up the stalks, mix them together, and send or bring approximately 1 gallon of the material to the Ohio Department of Agriculture, Consumer Analytical Laboratory, 8995 E. Main St., Reynoldsburg, OH 43068.
Farmers should also include their name, complete address, and phone number with area code.
Getting results. Sample results can be expected in three to five business days after receipt of the product.
Lab results cannot be released over the phone, so for a quicker response than mail, include a fax number or e-mail address where results can be sent.
For additional information about the testing, call the department’s Consumer Analytical Laboratory at 614-728-6230.


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