Ohio corn, soybean yields below normal


REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio – Ohio’s 2002 average corn yield is estimated at 88 bushels per acre, down 50 bushels from the previous year and the lowest state yield since 1988 when growers averaged 85 bushels per acre.

Producers harvested 2.87 million acres for grain, compared to 3.17 million acres in 2001.

Total production of 252.6 million bushels is 42 percent below 2001 and the lowest state production since 1983 when 224.0 million bushels were produced.

Acreage harvested for silage is estimated at 270,000 acres, up 100,000 acres from last year and the highest acreage since 1981 when 285,000 acres of silage were harvested.

Poor yield potential brought on by a summer drought was the main reason for the increase in silage acreage.

Soybeans. Ohio farmers harvested 4.71 million acres of soybeans in 2002 and reported an average yield of 30 bushels per acre. This is 11 bushels below the final 2001 yield and the lowest state yield since 1988 when yields averaged 27 bushels per acre.

Total soybean production is estimated at 141.3 million bushels down nearly 25 percent from the 187.8 million bushels produced last year.

Hay. The all hay yield dropped to 2.52 tons of dry hay per acre from the 2.81 tons per acre harvested in 2001.

Alfalfa yields averaged 3.0 tons of dry hay per acre, while all other hay averaged 2.2 tons per acre.

Production of all hay dropped 12 percent from 2001 to 3.75 million tons.

Burley tobacco. Burley tobacco production fell 21 percent from 2001 to an estimated 9.46 million pounds.

Harvested acreage fell to 5,500 acres in 2002 compared to 6,100 acres harvested in 2001, while yield dropped from 1,960 pounds per acre in 2001 to 1,720 pounds per acre in 2002.

Sugarbeet. Sugarbeet production is estimated at 36,000 tons. This is up significantly from last year mainly due to the increase in harvested acreage from the 600 acres in 2001 to the 1,700 acres in 2002.

Potato. Ohio’s potato production in 2002 is estimated at 1.01 million hundredweight, a decrease of 8 percent from 2001.

Harvested potato acreage is estimated at 4,200, down 100 acres from 2001. The average yield was reported to be 240 hundredweight per acre, down 15 hundredweight from last year.

U.S. corn. U. S. corn for grain production is estimated at 9.01 billion bushels, virtually unchanged from the November forecast but down 5 percent from the 9.51 billion bushels produced in 2001.

U.S. grain. The average U.S. grain yield is estimated at 130.0 bushels per acre, 2.4 bushels above the November forecast but down 8.2 bushels from 2001.

U.S. beans. U. S. Soybean production in 2002 totaled 2.73 billion bushels, up 1 percent from the Nov. 1 forecast but 6 percent below 2001.

The average yield per acre in 2002 is estimated at 37.8 bushels per acre, 0.3 bushel above the Nov. 1 forecast but 1.8 bushels below the 2001 yield.

U.S. hay. U. S. all hay production for 2002 is estimated at 151 million tons, up slightly from the Oct. 1 forecast but down 4 percent from the 2001 total.

Acreage harvested, at 64.5 million acres, is down less than 1 percent from the October forecast but up 2 percent from 2001.

The average yield, at 2.34 tons per acre, is up 0.02 ton from the October forecast but down 0.13 ton from the previous year.


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