‘Pants in action’: Buyers love Arborwear clothing


NEWBURY, Ohio – Arborwear founder Paul Taylor may think he’s not designing his clothing to be a fashion statement, but he has developed a loyal and vocal following.
The Arborwear “cult” has grown steadily, nurtured by Taylor’s wacky sense of humor spotlighted on his wild Web ,site www.Arborwear.com.
The site provides examples of the rugged clothing and a clear explanation of how items are fitted – standard stuff. But the page-turner is “Pants in Action,” testimonials and pictures from all points of the compass with happily satisfied customers touting the product.
Life saver. Tiffany Kopack credited Arborwear with saving her life in Costa Rica when Taylor’s clothing protected her from Africanized killer bees in the rain forest canopy.
One photo shows an Arborwearer climbing glaciers in Alaska, and Mark Milner, M.D., wore his Arborwear in Patriot Hills, Antarctica, as a member of the 2005 Antarctic Logistics Expedition.
Across the pond. Taylor’s pants are even favored by limobikers who provide motorcycle passenger service in London.
There are entries by numerous tree and rock climbers and one shot of Arborwear trousers protecting an unknown leg from a crocodile crunch.
Steady stream. Customers send photos for Pants in Action all the time, Taylor said, and some even surprise him.
“I was flattered to see Jake (Schepps, acoustic banjo player) sporting our trou on the cover of his new Counterpoint album,” Taylor said.
Then there is Michael ‘The House’ Tain, who was so enamored of the company that he had the Arborwear logo tattooed in the middle of his chest.
“It’s kind of an extended family of people who are doing crazy things,” Taylor said. “Soldiers, farmers, climbers – a really good group who rallied to get Arborwear off the ground. That’s what makes this fly – good prices and a culture people seem to be drawn to.
“It gives me a pretty good, warm feeling when people from big companies order stuff.”

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