Postal system: Bring my mail before you get another raise


Our postal system is again asking for another raise. This isn’t right. Why should they get a raise when ?the system’ is not doing its job?
Within the past year, I know of three pieces of information-sensitive mail that I never received. Who has my information?
I also had to have three paychecks reissued to me, for I never received the originals. Where did my paychecks end up?
I can remember twice not receiving my Farm and Dairy in my mailbox. Another time it was left at my neighbor’s and thankfully I was able to retrieve it from her.
How does such a large parcel of mail just up and vanish not once, but twice?
I called Farm and Dairy to check on my missing items and was assured my papers were mailed to me. Every time I inquire at the post office regarding missing mail, I’m told it’s the fault of someone uptown or blame is placed on the machinery.
Might it be possible to find a remedy to this annoyingly aggravating problem of lost mail?
In conclusion, any job held by someone who doesn’t perform to an employer’s satisfaction is usually disciplined with a firing, not a raise.
In my opinion, this latest stamp price increase is simply not warranted.
William Hoffman
New Concord, Ohio


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