Paradise Valley tops Holstein show


CANFIELD, Ohio — Paradise Valley Farm walked away with the top two spots at the Northeast Ohio District Holstein Show July 26 in Canfield, Ohio.

Grand champion Paradise-R Hi Metro Serenity and reserve champion Paradise-R Lewis Stacy topped the field of 90 entries. Don Alexander judged the show.

Before being crowned as grand champion, Paradise-R Hi Metro Serenity claimed the senior champion title. Reserve senior champion went to Whiteleather Holsteins with Whiteleather Hi Metro 435.

The reserve champion animal, Paradise-R Lewis Stacy, was first tapped as the intermediate champion. Lorawae Holsteins took the reserve intermediate champion spot with Lorawae Dundee Fancee.

Nevin and Brenda L’Amoreaux showed the junior champion, Mohrfield Astro Sherri-ET. Kiko Farms showed the reserve junior champion, Cambridge Leduc Mickey.

Paradise Valley Farm also topped the Best Bred and Owned division with Paradise-R Hi Metro Serenity.

Ouric Holsteins won the premier exhibitor and premier breeder awards.

Junior results

In the junior show, Bailee Mazzaro claimed the grand champion banner with Smith-Oak BC Hope. Hunter Hamilton was the reserve champion with Alfa Creek Leland Lark.

Before taking the grand champion spot, Smith-Oak BC Hope was named senior champion. Louis Liming exhibited the reserve senior champion, Lou-Ida Lotto Winnie V.

The reserve champion, Alfa Creek Leland Lark, first took the intermediate champion banner. No reserve intermediate champion was named.

Andre Whiteleather exhibited the junior champion, Whiteleather Lou 972. Bailee Mazzaro showed the reserve junior champion, Meadowbloom Goldwyn Naomi.

The following junior exhibitors earned the top spots in showmanship.

Senior: 1. Evan Dye; 2. Reremy Ryan.

Intermediate: 1. Jon Dye; 2. Hunter Hamilton.

Junior: 1. Elijah Dobay; 2. Bailee Mazzaro.

Class winners

The winning exhibitors from each class of the open show are listed below.

Spring heifer calf: 1. Lou-Ida Farms (Lou-Ida Terlin Karsey); 2. Struna Holsteins (Dappledale Douglas Pep).

Winter heifer calf: 1. Jim Beardsley (Beardsly Advent Gingersnap); 2. Sanor Valley (Sanor Valley Terrason Gem).

Fall heifer calf: 1. Lorawae Holsteins (Lorawae Terrason Hawkeye); 2. Struna Holsteins (Meadowbloom Goldwyn Naomi).

Summer yearling heifer: 1. Doug and Marty Dye (Quality Quest Stmtc Charge); 2. Robert Haskins Family (Rohaven Toystory Katyanh).

Spring yearling heifer: 1. Whiteleather Farms (Whiteleather Lou 972); 2. Jim Beardsley (Beardsly Osecanna Vermont).

Winter yearling heifer: 1. Doug and Marty Dye (Quality Quest Zenith Optimum); 2. Kiko Farms (Kiko Durham Rossaline).

Fall yearling heifer: 1. Nevin and Brenda L’Amoreaux (Morfield Astro Sherri-ET); 2. Kiko Farms (Cambridge Leduc Mickey).

Junior best three females: 1. Doug and Marty Dye; 2. Kiko Farms.

Junior 2-year-old: 1. Lorawae Holsteins (Lorawae Dundee Fancee); 2. Mazzaro-Cole-Doeberiner (Co-Vale Roy Jodie-ET).

Senior 2-year-old: 1. Jim Beardsley (Beardsley Morty Email); 2. Nevin and Brenda L’Amoreaux (Plum Line Reggie Lydia).

Junior 3-year-old: 1. Paradise Valley Farm (Paradise-R Lewis Stacy); 2. Ouric Holsteins (Ouric Encore DC).

Senior 3-year-old: 1. Ouric Holsteins (Ouric Durham Rain); 2. Lorawae Holsteins (Lorawae Outside Lorna).

4-year-old: 1. Paradise Valley Farm (Paradise-R Hi Metro Serenity); 2. Ouric Holsteins (Ouric Durham Dodge).

5-year-old: 1. Whiteleather Farms (Whiteleather Hi Metro 435); 2. Ouric Holsteins (Ouric Derry Heart).

125,000 pound cow: 1. Ouric Holsteins (Ouric Jolt Skye).

Dry 3- and 4-year-old cow: 1. Struna Holsteins (Smith-Oak BC Hope); 2. Matt Merrick (MS Nostaw Leduc Marie).

Dry aged cow: 1. Nevin and Brenda L’Amoreaux (Struna Durham Triune); 2. Lou-Ida Farms (Lou-Ida Lotto Winnie).

Best three females: 1. Ouric Holsteins.

Dam and daughter: 1. Ouric Holsteins; 2. Lou-Ida Farms.

Produce of dam: 1. Ouric Holsteins; 2. Whiteleather Holsteins.


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