Portage County Fair results


Reported By Chris Kick

Aug. 24 and 27, 2011
Total sale: $332,761.70


Number of Market Lots: 66
Average: $2.19/pound

Grand champion: Morgan Moore
Bid: $7/pound Weight: 1,365 pounds
Buyer: Moore Well Services

Reserve champion: Lance Utt
Bid: $8.50/pound (record) Weight: 1,220 pounds
Buyer: U.S. Plastics-Mantua


Grand champion: Erika Scott
Bid: $5.10/pound Weight: 740 pounds
Buyer: Duma Meats

Reserve champion: Stevie Jo Adelman
Bid: $5/pound Weight: 826 pounds

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2011 Portage County 4-H Roundup


Number of Market Lots: 170
Average: $2.32/pound

Grand champion: Kelly Siegferth
Bid: $15.50/pound Weight: 277 pounds
Buyer: Miner’s Tractor Sales

Reserve champion: Tyler Stanley
Bid: $9/pound Weight: 264 pounds
Buyer: Chesapeake Energy

Grand champion carcass: Kelly Siegferth
Bid: $9/pound Weight: 162 pounds
Buyer: Battaglia Construction

Reserve champion carcass: Shelby Morehead
Bid: $8.50/pound Weight: 156 pounds
Buyer: Brett McClafferty


Number of Market Lots: 40
Average: $2.87/pound

Grand champion: Danielle Whitted
Bid: $5/pound Weight: 135 pounds
Buyer: Moore Well Services

Reserve champion: Kelly Siegferth
Bid: $4/pound Weight: 129 pounds
Buyer: Jack and Laura Groselle

Grand champion lamb carcass: Danielle Whitted
Bid: $6.20/pound Weight: 78 pounds
Buyer: Kiko Meats

Reserve champion lamb carcass: Kelly Siegferth
Bid: $5.25/pound Weight: 72 pounds
Buyer: Bob and Terry Doty


Number of Meat Lots: 24
Average: $218

Grand champion meat goat: Kelly Siegferth
Bid: $350 Weight: 85 pounds
Buyer: Ahrens Club Pigs

Reserve champion meat goat: Travis Siegferth
Bid: $320 Weight: 83 pounds
Buyer: Curtis and Erin Ahrens


Number of Meat Pens of Three: 17

Grand champion rabbit pen: Jacob Mix
Bid: $275
Buyer: Pettigrew Feed & Hardware

Reserve champion rabbit pen: Jacob Mix
Bid: $250
Buyer: Portage County Farm Bureau


Number of Market Lots: 62

Grand champion: Benjamin Luli
Bid: $775 Weight: 22.8 pounds
Buyer: Howard Hanna of Portage County

Reserve champion: Jack Rohal
Bid: $400 Weight: 22.7 pounds
Buyer: Hyde’s Automotive


Number of Lots: 55

Grand champion: Kyle Taylor
Bid: $325 Weight: 26.5 pounds
Buyer: Dr. Richard Miller

Reserve champion: Ryan Phelps
Bid: $1,150 (record) Weight: 21 pounds
Buyer: Phelp’s Plumbing and Heating


Number of Lots: 5

Grand champion: Samuel Coumos
Bid: $275 Weight: 5.7 pounds
Buyer: All Concrete

Reserve champion: Christina Coumos
Bid: $325 Weight: 5.9 pounds
Buyer: All Concrete


Number of Lots: 4

Grand champion: Aaron Cline
Bid: $125 Weight: 14.7 pounds
Buyer: Phelps Plumbing & Heating

Reserve champion: Daniel Cline
Bid: $150 Weight: 12.4 pounds
Buyer: Deborah and Bryan Watson


Number of Lots: 2

Grand champion: Emily Shultz
Bid: $270
Buyer: Mellion Orthodontics

Reserve champion: Katlyn Apitz
Bid: $200
Buyer: Donald Garretson


Number of Lots: 4

Grand champion: William Wise
Bid: $150
Buyer: Zavara Farms

Reserve champion: Rochelle Wise
Bid: $110
Buyer: Jud’s Lawn Service

Auctioneers and Ringmen:
Kiko Auctioneers and Realtors

Junior Fair Royalty:
4-H King: Benjamin Nething 4-H Queen: Sarah Briggs



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