Putting bulls to the test


Bull testing program

PENNSYLVANIA FURNACE, Pa. — Pennsylvania beef producers are encouraged to nominate their best bulls for the 2012-2013 Pennsylvania Livestock Evaluation Center Performance Bull Testing Program by Aug. 20.

Producers can nominate beef bulls born between Jan. 1 and April 15, 2012. Bulls may be registered purebred or be crossbred from two registered parents.

Performance traits

The program measures weight gain, feed efficiency, muscle development and fat deposition over a 112-day testing period. At the conclusion of the 112-day growth trial, the bulls will be scanned ultrasonically to determine fat thickness, loin-eye area and intramuscular fat.

The bulls will be given a complete breeding soundness exam and receive a full set of calculated performance traits.

The center will also accept a limited number of heifers, space permitting, for the Pennsylvania Heifer Development Program.

Fees and yardage will be assessed in both programs to defray feed, facilities and testing expenses.

Sale next spring

Producers can purchase the top approximately 75 percent of bulls following the performance test at the 2013 Pennsylvania Performance Tested Bull Sale on March 29. Bulls not selling may be removed by the consignor.

The testing programs and sale are conducted by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, in cooperation with Penn State University and the Pennsylvania Cattlemen’s Association.

For more information about Pennsylvania’s performance testing programs and sales, contact Greg Hubbard at 814-238-2527 or ghubbard@pa.gov or visit www.livestockevaluationcenter.com.

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  1. Why dose every thing have to be registured,you can’t eat the paper work. I have a black angus bull i bottle raised sense he was 1 day old,,he was tested at 1 year old and found to be 90 percent fertile,,it is on his vet papers.he is almost 5 years old now and has produced very good calves,small but fast growers..My two bottle raised cows are the same,very nice looking big cows both black angus.People that see them can’t believe they are not registured cattle..


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