Reader: All protestors should be treated equally

Capitol dome, Washington D.C., Farm and Dairy file photo
Farm and Dairy file photo.

Dear Editor:

The main-stream media and other communication venues, either on purpose or through willful ignorance, like in Alan Guebert’s column, in the Jan. 21 isssue of Farm and Dairy, are attempting to drive what I consider to be a false paradigm regarding the recent unrest at the U.S. Capitol. The unrest, or as these outlets like to call it, an insurrection, was no different than the unrest that occurred throughout 2020.

In fact, it is likely the people who broke into the Capitol learned their techniques by watching other protests and violent outbreaks that occurred prior to the Capitol incident and continue to occur in 2021. How is protesting at the Capitol any different than protesting at any other private or public location, including breaking into, vandalizing and occupying a police station?

I realize many claim the Capitol is hallowed ground. However, the Capitol has become home to a majority of self-centered, egotistical politicians whose main concern is accumulating wealth and retaining power. So much for hallowed ground.

The protest at the Capitol was no more or less of an insurrection than other recent or ongoing protests — all involve the dislike of a policy, idea, action or law, and many involve violence.

Main-stream communication venues would have us believe the Capitol protestors were a bunch of white supremacists attempting to keep President Trump in office. I disagree. The protest was mostly about the failure to investigate election fraud. Did the amount of election fraud make a difference? I do not know and neither does anyone else, and therein lies the frustration.

If we are all equal, then we should be treated equally, regardless of why we protest. And we should investigate all alleged misdeeds, regardless of party affiliation or popularity. That is the first step to heal the great divide we now face.

Marge Conner
North Benton, Ohio


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