Thursday, June 24, 2021
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A long-time reader of Farm and Dairy shares his thoughts on the different perspectives he's seen in the publication recently.

One reader believes we must return to a time when we can have open discussions on all topics both agricultural and political without fear of being labeled.

A Farm and Dairy reader shares a response to Alan Guebert's Jan. 21, 2021 column about the U.S. Capitol riot earlier this year.

Alan Guebert shares some recent feedback he's received from his readers.

Alan Guebert shares feedback he received from his readers during 2019.

One reader shares his opinion that legislators have no idea or maybe don't care about agriculture and how it affects this country and the economy.

Alan Guebert shares some of the readers' comments, ranging from contemptuous to complimentary, he's received this year.

Alan Guebert reacts to the nearly 5,000 readers' comments posted online in response to sentiments from farmers included in a Washington Post article.

Alan Guebert celebrates the 25th anniversary of his column the Farm and Food File.

If the USDA's forecasts are right and the nation's politicians continue their feud, football players won't be the only ones on their knees in protest.