Reader cites dangers starting with the SB 310 passage



Now that the registration of animals has passed, the danger of this bill has started. One group — the ODNR — stated you don’t have to register certain animals. ODA stated yes you do. Grouping of animals that are not listed in SB 310 are added. Yet if any animals are added it is to be a new bill that goes through the Senate and House, but they are making their own rules now and it is not going through the legal system as stated.

No animal is safe. Housing is not final; have they granted any permits? Most likely not, after all in SB 310 they can sell any and all animals they take. They can be sold to black markets, restaurants, any place for their own personal gain, at the expense of the owner.

So with this big building they are building what is going to happen after all the Ohio animals are sold or killed for their personal gain? Human primates into slaves/prostitutes or parts?

I feel it is wrong and unjust to have these people say how to keep animals, feed animals and care for them when they kill them every day in their shelters. It’s wrong for them to spend 98 percent of the money they take in to have millions for themselves and pass laws in pure hate.

When will this stop? What animal is next? The complete domestic of wild animals? If a wild bunny runs across my yard are you going to charge me with owning a wild animal ODA/ODNR? Then keep the deer that are “wild” and “dangerous” from running across the roads, I don’t want to hit another, after all I could be killed by them. So truly you are not protecting the public from “wild” and “dangerous” animals. Shame on you.

BJ McDowell

Plainfield, Ohio

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