Reader: Educate yourself and start saving our society now



Watch out America; there is a funeral coming for the American dream. Our children won’t be better off financially than us. We’ve reached the point where the number of people dependent on government benefits is approaching the number of people paying for these benefits.

Our children will be saddled with debt incurred from all the borrowing that goes to support the entitlement programs. No amount of taxes on the rich will produce enough revenue to prevent an economic free fall.

Here are the problems:

Stimulus spending on green projects run by Obama supporters went into bankruptcy.

Illegal aliens and people who have never paid into the system receive welfare benefits, food stamps and free health care.

No brakes on the flow/theft of technology to China, where they can produce products cheaper. Iran obtained unmanned drone technology when the president didn’t order the destruction of the drone when it was commandeered.

Obama thinks al-Qaeda died when Osama Bin Laden died.

American patriots could have been saved in Benghazi had the president acted.

Guns were shipped into Mexico that killed Mexicans and U.S. border guards to prove U.S. guns were part of the problem in Mexico and an attempt at U.S. gun control.

Here are a few other points:

Gun control is on the way. The president may be looking to defer to the United Nations and have America ruled by international law. It is one of the first things to happen when leaders become dictators. Under the United Nations more of our U.S. tax dollars will be funneled overseas to help poorer countries.

If the president goes after fracking it will spell the end of any hope of energy independence.

Control of the U.S. by Muslim law may eventually occur.

Look at the Veterans Administration on how well their health care system works. That alone shows the government can’t manage health care.

Read the health care bill. There is a tax of 3-plus percent on the sale of you home. They are heavily taxing health care devices. Even the Supreme Court ruled the health care bill is a tax. Why have the president and Congress exempted themselves from the plan they feel is good enough for the rest of us?

If this country does not meet its financial responsibilities the economy will implode. The dollar will be worthless.

Wake up America. Not enough people get the real story. The liberal media did their best to ensure the re-election of Obama. People have to read, listen, and educate themselves on what is going on behind the scenes.

When we were self sufficient, living off the land much like the Amish community today, we could survive. Now more and more people live in the cities and suburbs. There is no way that America could feed everyone in a major crisis.

Educate yourself. Demand fiscal responsibility. America was built on self reliance, independence, and a free spirit. Great societies last about 200-250 years before they implode. We are on the brink.

David Smith

Hanoverton, Ohio

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  1. Obama’s plan is to take America to her knees and he is doing a good job of it. David,you are right about every thing you said…I’ve know this from the start. people will be totaly dependant of govt. and that is what Obama is hopeing for..Obama dose not like the fact that America is,or was a great power in the world.He is cutting our military budget to the point that thousands will be out of job’s and we will be hurting for protection if another attact on American soil happens,aand it is looking like it could happen soon,with all the middle east uproar going on..


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