Review Hall of Fame inducts three


LONDON, Ohio – Three individuals – Fred Fisher, Don Myers and Lew Zimmerman – were inducted into this year’s Farm Science Review of Fame Sept. 18 during the annual Vice President’s Luncheon.
Fred Fisher, husband of the late Molly Brown Caren Fisher who donated the land that is now home to the Review, has continued to be a prominent part of Farm Science Review since his wife’s death.
Fisher has been credited for providing the second largest monetary gift to the college and Farm Science Review, second only to his wife’s donation of her family’s 1812 Madison County farm (estimated at over $1.7 million).
Craig Fendrick, former Review manager, describes Don Myers as one of Farm Science Review’s “original three musketeers.” Myers has been instrumental in leading research and educational programs of demonstration plots – an integral part of the show.
“At the old FSR site at the Don Scott airport, Myers basically assisted in the operation of 90 percent of the plot area and conducted the demonstration work,” said Fendrick.
“Not only did he support the research, but he also used the area as an outreach program. He brought a lot of people to the Review during a time when it was extremely important to keep the show going.”
The final inductee, Lew Zimmerman, brought his business sense to the Review. Zimmerman, who now owns Oakhaven golf club in Delaware, was one of the original Farm Science Review exhibitors.
Zimmerman, a former regional branch manager of Allied Farm Equipment, contributed to the policies, rules and regulations of the business end of the Review. “He was considered an unofficial exhibitor representative,” said Fendrick.
“He really went well beyond what he needed to do to help build the exhibitor base of the show. Lew was the guy that made things happen.”


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