Salt was used for more than flavoring food


WARREN, Ohio – The Sutliff Museum, located on the second floor of the Warren-Trumbull County Public Library, 444 Mahoning Avenue NW in Warren, is hosting a display of salt dips and miscellaneous glassware through the end of July.

A commodity. In earlier times, salt was a valuable commodity. In fact, it was used as currency. A hardworking employee was said to be “worth his salt.”

According to information from Christy’s Gifts and Antiques online, salt blocks were kept under lock and key in the kitchen larder of affluent homes. The upper crust of society would have servants place a portion of the salt, ground into powder, on the dining table.

Individual salt cellars (more recently known as salt dips) were distributed around the table for guests. A “master” salt, larger than the individual salts, was at the command of the host.

Collectible. As times progressed, salt dips became more and more ornamental and were an indicator of status on fine tables. There is still an elegance and charm to salt cellars.

The collection on loan to the museum boasts over 200 pieces, reflecting many colors and designs in glass and china.

Sutliff Museum hours are Wednesday through Saturday from 2-4 p.m. For more information call 330-399-8807, ext. 121 or 330-394-9989.


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