Schmucker wins third title at Championship Tractor Pull in Louisville

championship tractor pull trophy
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Kevin Schmucker, of Stark County, Ohio, claimed the top title at the Championship Tractor Pull, held Feb. 10-13 in conjunction with the National Farm Machinery Show. Schmucker, who farms near Louisville, Ohio, won the 10,200-pound pro stock tractor class with his Git-Er-Dun Deere, going a full pull distance of 246.20.

This was his third grand champion title in Louisville, following wins in 2002 and 2006. His son, Danny, claimed the title in 2007.

Schmucker and other top truck and tractor pullers competed in the invitation-only pull for a share of the $250,000 in prize money.

Joining Schmucker in the top spots in the 10,200-class finals were Tim Shipley and the Macdaddy tractor, Beloit, Ohio, finishing third with a pull of 243.06. Rick Campbell, of Homeworth, Ohio, and the Soupline Express finished fifth with a pull of 239.02.

In the 8,000-pound super stock alcohol tractor finals, Jordan Lustik, of Eighty Four, Pennsylvania, finished third with his Silver Bullet, with a pull distance of 235.19. Jody Ross, of Waynesburg, Pennsylvania, won the 8,200-pound super stock tractor class with the Triple Bypass and a pull of 236.35.

In the 7,500-pound super stock diesel truck pull, Matt Clemons, of Wakeman, Ohio, won with a pull of 235.30 with the Alter Ego truck. Close in second was Brad Deeter, of Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, with Oversize Load, pulling 231.51 feet.

Finals results

Here are the top finishers from the final classes:

Place, Name, Tractor, Hometown, Distance

7,500lb Super Stock Diesel Trucks

1. Matt Clemons, Alter Ego, Wakeman, Ohio, 235.30
2. Brad Deeter, Oversize Load, Burgettstown, Pa., 231.51
3. Carl Atley, Lethal Weapon, Xenia, Ohio, 231.05
4. Brion Withrow, To Far Gone, Mechanicsburg, Ohio, 230.69
5. Van Haisley, Rock Hard Ram, Fairmount, Ind., 228.09
6. Brad Ingram, Scheid Diesel, Farina, Ill., 226.99
7. Shawn Hodges, On Borrowed Time, Avella, Pa., 212.46
8. Kent Crowder, Scheid Diesel, Attica, Ind., 211.75
9. Don Tucker Bowling, Pulling For the Cure, Mccomb, Ohio, 201.13
10. Kyle Michael, Climax, Urbana, Ohio, 193.24

6,400lb Lightweight Super Stock Alcohol Tractors

1. Terry Blackbourn, Considered Armed And Dangerous, Newton, Wis., 244.90 Full Pull
2. Brian Korth, Armed & Dangerous Excessive Force, Newton, Wis., 241.73 Full Pull
3. Brandon Phillips, Insanity, Vine Grove, Ky., 235.63 Full Pull
4. Scott Holtgrew, Voodoo Deere, Atkinson, Neb., 222.03 Full Pull
5. Marcus Wettleson, Gunpower And Lead, Postville, Iowa, 235.95
6. Glen Frese Jr., Red Ink, Watkin, Iowa, 228.86
7. Brice Terry, Too Hy-Strung, Gallatin, Mo., 228.77
8. Mike Wilhite, Blue Blazes, Bardstown, Ky., 221.45
9. Henry G. Everman, Forced Decision, Dansville, Ky., 218.93
10. J. David Esteb, Eatn Dollars/Alky Edition, Franklin, Ind., 202.51

7,500lb Modified Tractors

1. Steve Bunnage, Takes A Lickin, Golden Gate, Ill., 242.11
2. Ricky Long, Lucas Oil/Mav TV, Glasgow, Ky., 241.17
3. Wayne Sullivan, Tonka Kentuckian, Warsaw, Ky., 238.14
4. Joe Eder, Geico 75th Edition, North Collins, NY, 231.09
5. Bob Jostock, Wild Child, Lapeer, MI, 227.01
6. Scott Tedder, Mr. Twister, Hartford City, Ind., 225.95

9,300LB Super Farm Tractor Finals

1. Jeff Prible, Top Priority, Keyston, Ind., 233.84
2. Shaun Boyd, Screamin Norwegian, Soughton, Wis., 232.38
3. Larry Dean, Never Enough, Hollywood, AL, 231.02
4. David Whelan, My Last Excuse, Tipton, MI, 230.58
5. James Slama, Fast & Furious, Hillsboro, Wis., 229.69
6. Trevan Rohde, Somethin Fierce, Barron, Wis., 223.93
7. John Platte, Turbo Up The Farm Boy Way, Hubbard, Iowa, 220.01
8. Tyler Audet, Pure Bred Red, Bridport, VT, 216.54

6,200lb 2WD Super Modified Trucks

1. Mendi Nelson, Lil Whip, Cat Spring, Texas, 236.63
2. Randy Petro, Kathys Komplaint, Camden, Ohio, 232.60
3. Joey Frasur, Runnin Block, Liberty, Ind., 227.45
4. Cole Zajicek, Texas 2 Step, Columbus, Texas, 226.23
5. Lisa Tatum, Full Throttle, Bardstown, Ky., 218.54
6. Doug Theobald, Wicked, Shelbyville, Ind., 217.33
7. Jessie Petro, Buckeye Hauler, Camden, Ohio, 216.75
8. Brent Secrest, Nuthin Ez Bout It, Celina, Ohio, 216.32

8,200lb Super Stock Tractors

1. Jody Ross, Triple Bypass, Waynesburg, Pa., 236.35
2. Steve Burge, Lock-N-Load, Lynn, Ind., 229.98
3. Brandon Hunt, Livin A Dream, Oak Grove, Ky., 228.69
4. Stan Blagrave, Red Horse, Ackerly, Texas, 216.68
5. Braden Shramek, The Legacy, Williamsburg, Mo., 213.48
6. Adam Harris, Southern Express, Olin, NC, 195.52

8,000lb Super Stock Alcohol Tractors

1. Terry Blackbourn, Extremely Armed & Dangerous, Newton, Wis., 242.60
2. Josh BLackbourn, Armed & Dangerous International Threat, Newton, Wis., 240.33
3. Jordan Lustik, Silver Bullet, Eighty Four, Pa., 235.19
4. Loren Gettinger, Runin Bare, Port Clinton, Ohio, 228.48
5. John Strickland, Galot 2, Clinton, NC, 225.17
6. Brent Payne, Galot, Hamilton, Ohio, 170.48

10,200lb Pro Stock Tractors

1. Kevin Schmucker, Git-Er-Dun Deere, Louisville, Ohio, 246.20 Full Pull
2. Nathan L. Babler, The Haymaker, Rock City, Ill., 243.48
3. Tim Shipley, Macdaddy, Beloit, Ohio, 243.06
4. Scott Teipen, Whiskey Wild, Crothersville, Ind., 241.55
5. Rick Campbell, Soupline Express, Homeworth, Ohio, 239.02
6. Lance Little, True Grit, Tuscola, Ill., 238.13
7. Darrin Hunt, D2-Prostock Edition, Herndon, Ky., 236.28
8. Mickey Shorter, Buck Eater 2, Sullivan, Ind., 230.87
9. Robert Martin, John Deere Green, Chambersburg, Pa., 230.09
10. Chris Cain, Aces Wild, New Palestine, Ind., 228.75


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