Sliker pulled out a Plum for champ


MEADVILLE, Pa. – To get to his grand champion, Judge Wayne Sliker sifted through 99 head at the 2004 Northwest Holstein Championship Show, held July 23 at the Crawford County Fairgrounds in Meadville.

Sliker looked to his older cow champions for his winners, tapping Plum-Line Charles Holly, the first-place aged cow, for his grand champion and Rowntree Sherrys Symbol, the winning 5-year-old, for his reserve champion.

The grand champion was shown by the Carey family of Plum-Line Holsteins; Justin Doeberiener showed the reserve champion.

The Plum-Line entry was also the open show’s best bred and owned entry.

In the youth show, Sliker picked a senior 3-year-old shown by Emily Alsdorf for his grand champion. Erin Raney showed the reserve champion in the youth show.

Alsdorf’s Holstein, A-Jay Durham Jolt Little, was also the best bred and owned in the youth classes.

Junior champions. Youth exhibitors claimed the junior champion honors in both the junior and open classes.

Lindsey Beatty’s winter yearling, Campbell-Run Nitro Haylee, won the junior champion banner and Amber Bernarding’s winter yearling, Cass-Ridge Cool L.J., stood as reserve junior champion.

The Art Moore family of Amoore Holsteins won premier breeder honors and the Doeberiener family of Queens Manor Holsteins won premier exhibitor honors.

Class winners include the following exhibitors:

Spring calf: 1. (open and youth) Caroline Wheeler; 2. (open and youth) Kevin Doeberiener; winter calf: 1. Minor Acres; 2. Jennifer Dickey; 1. (youth) Cody Bernarding; 2. (youth) Brooke Caldwell;

Fall calf: 1. Pammie Syndicate; 2. (and 1. youth) Maggie Moore; 2. (youth) Cody Bernarding; summer yearling: 1. (and first-place youth) Keegan Nick; 2. Jeffrey Raney; 2. (youth) Eric Byham;

Spring yearling: 1. (open and youth) Jason Manross; 2. (open and youth) Thomas Beatty; winter yearling: 1 ( (open and youth) Lindsey Beatty; 2. (open and youth) Amber Bernarding.

Fall yearling: 1. (open and youth) Courtney Carey; 2. (open and youth) Sarah Malliard; junior best three females: 1. Plum-Line Holsteins; 2. Dee-Dee Holsteins.

Dry cow, 4 and under: 1. (open and youth) Brittany Black; dry cow, 5 and older: 1. (open and youth) Alexis Caldwell.

Junior 2-year-old: 1. (open and youth) Miranda Moore; 2. (open and youth) Christy Hindman; senior 2-year-old: 1. Elaina Rader; 2. (and first place youth) Jason Larson; 2. (youth) Kevin Doeberiener.

Junior 3-year-old: 1. (open and youth) Emily Alsdorf; senior 3-year-old: 1. (open and youth) Emily Alsdorf; 2. Brian Myers and Rick Trypus; 2. (youth) Kevin Doeberiener.

Four-year-old: 1. (open and youth) Erin Raney; 2. (open and youth) Maggie Moore; 5-year-old: 1. Justin Doeberiener; 2. (and first, youth) Greg Byham; 2. (youth) Tyler Moore; aged cow: 1. Plum-Line Holsteins; 2. Michael and Patrick Carey; 1. (youth) Kevin Doeberiener; 125,000-pound class: 1. Justin Doeberiener; 2. Christy Hindman;

Best three females: 1. Plum-Line Holsteins; 2. Highland Holsteins.


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