Stark County Fair – 2009 Junior Fair livestock sale results


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Sept. 2- 5, 2009
Sale Total: $544,587.60– *New record*
Total Lots: 704


Number of Market Lots: 88
Number of Carcass Lots: 2
Average: $1.83/pound with champions

Grand champion: Justin Zwick
Bid: $6.50/pound Weight: 1,405 pounds
Buyer: Kiko Meats, Harold Yoder, Hometown Veterinary Service, Biery Cheese, Enviroscapes, Paris and Washington Insurance Co. and Harold Yoder
Reserve champion: Chase Sanders
Bid: $4.50/pound Weight: 1,350 pounds
Buyer: Enviroscapes, Hometown Veterinary Service and Bonnie Sanders
Grand champion carcass: Amber Shoemaker
Bid: $3/pound Weight: 1,345 pounds
Buyer: JMW Trucking Service
Reserve champion carcass: Rachel Linder
Bid: $2.40/pound Weight: 1,295 pounds
Buyer: Kiko Meats and Paris and Washington Insurance Co.


Number of Market Lots: 227
Number of Carcass Lots:2
Average: $1.92/pound with champions

Grand champion:
Paige Lewis
Bid: $12.50/pound Weight: 270 pounds
Buyer: George and Becky Kiko, Louisville Physical Therapy, Hometown Veterinary Service, Kiko Meats, Stier Israel Funeral Home, Dennis Taylor Insurance, The Phillips Organization, Fred Lee and Donita Votaw
Reserve champion: Josie Chaddock
Bid: $5/pound Weight: 268 pounds
Buyer: Paul Pohovoy, Gary Chaddock Sr., Kaitlin Chaddock, Judge David Stucki, Kiko Meats, Gary Chaddock, Lesa and Bob Schnabel
Grand champion Carcass: Maranda Neff
Bid: $3.25/pound Weight: 222 pounds
Buyer: Sugardale Hams and Superior Meats
Reserve champion: Jim Wells
Bid: $3.75/pound Weight: 220 pounds
Buyer: Denco Marketing

Number of Market Lots: 57
Number of Carcass Lots: 6
Average: $2.90/pound with champions

Grand champion:
Arielle Elsass
Bid: $5.00/pound Weight: 138 pounds
Buyer: PSC Metals Inc.
Reserve champion: Amber Shoemaker
Bid: $6.50/pound Weight: 148 pounds
Buyer: Enviroscapes
Grand champion carcass: Kalob Wilson
Bid: $4.00/pound Weight: 129 pounds
Buyer: Paris and Washington Insurance Co.
Reserve champion: Jessie Moncman
Bid: $2.50/pound Weight: 121 pounds
Buyer: Northwind Stables
Grand champion born and raised: Diana Bevington
Bid: $3.00/pound Weight: 132 pounds
Buyer: Jim’s Meats
Reserve champion born and raised: Mikey Estock
Bid: $5.75/pound Weight: 135 pounds
Buyer: Wallace Farms Feed and Drive-thru, Dave Wimer and Wolf Ag. Service
Grand champion rate of gain: Jessie Moncman
Bid: $2.00/pound Weight: 159 pounds
Buyer: PSC Metals Inc.
Reserve champion rate of gain: Olivia Linder
Bid: $2.10/pound Weight: 128 pounds
Buyer: Tom and Liz Shell

Number of Market Lots: 7
Average: $178.57 with champions

Grand champion: Robert Brenneman
Bid: $350
Buyer: Annette Suttle
Reserve champion: Marci Estock
Bid: $150
Buyer: Artist Gallery


Number of Lots: 12
Average: $766.67/basket with champions

Grand Champion: Jessica Wallace
Bid: $1,500/basket
Buyer: Joe Ramsey, Mark Bishop, Jim Kiko Jr., Tom and Theresa Blocher, Rodney Campbell
Reserve Champion: Andrea Thomas
Bid: $750/basket
Buyer: Consumers Bank

Number of Market Lots: 35
Average: $2.25/pound with champions

Grand champion boer: Clay Wells
Bid: $3/pound Weight: 93 pounds
Buyer: Denco Marketing
Reserve champion boer: Neva Campbell
Bid: $2.35/pound Weight: 78 pounds
Buyer: Judge David Stucki, John Hagan and Ed Moody
Grand champion dairy: Kara Humphrey
Bid: $2/pound Weight:102 pounds
Buyer: Heather Eichler, Don Rohr, Brian Miller, Staci Miller and Cora Miller
Reserve champion dairy: Emily Conrad
Bid: $4/pound Weight: 87 pounds
Buyer: Wallace Farms Feed and Drive-thru

Number of Market Lots: 143
Fastest growing project at Stark County Fair
Average: $1.78 per pound with champions
Grand champion: Amber Shoemaker
Bid: $2.50/pound Weight: 665 pounds
Buyer: Roger Kinser, representing Martin D Yoder Trucking Inc.
Reserve champion: Lauren Vaughan
Bid: $2.00/pound Weight: 625 pounds
Buyer: Kelly Palmer, representing Paris and Washington Insurance Co.
Champion of Champions Showmanship: Laura Schmuki
Champion Junior Showmanship: Joseph Brenner
Champion First Year Senior Showmanship: Arielle Elsass
Champion First Year Junior Showmanship: Cora Daniel


Number of Market Lots: 16
Number of Carcass Lots: 2
Average: $1.06/pound with champions
Grand champion: Lydia Battershell
Bid: $2.25/pound Weight: 1,650 pounds
Buyer: Richard Battershell
Reserve champion: Madison Kiko
Bid: $1.75/pound Weight: 1,435 pounds
Buyer: Ron, Diane and Steve Kiko, owners of Kiko Meats
Grand champion: Emily Shockling
Bid: $0.85/pound Weight: 1,375 pounds
Buyer: Jim Shockling
Reserve champion
: Tatianna Varner
Bid: $1.50/pound Weight: 1,330 pounds
Buyer: Paul and Jen Wallace, representing Wallace Farms Feed and Drive-thru
Reserve Champion Rate of Gain: Emily Shockling
Champion of Champions Showmanship: Dharma Varner
Reserve Champion of Champions Showmanship: Tatianna Varner
Champion Senior Showmanship: Jacob Dawson


Number of Market Lots: 84
Average: $179.46 with champions
Grand champion: Amber Shoemaker
Bid: $750 Weight: 15.73 pounds
Buyer: Ted Hawk, representing Park Farms
Reserve champion: Isaac Stanley
Bid: $500 Weight: 16.46 pounds
Buyer: Judge Dixie Park, Stark Co. Probate Judge


Number of Market Lots: 13
Average: $260.77 with champions
Grand champion: Cordell Bergert
Bid: $600 Weight: 14.13 pounds
Buyer: Richard Bergert
Reserve champion: Matthew Nau
Bid: $300 Weight: 12.50 pounds
Buyer: Jim and Susie Kiko, representing Kiko Auctions


Number of Lots: 21
Average: $214.29 with champions
Grand champion: Rebecca Faverty
Bid: $800 Weight: 41.14 pounds
Buyer: Carolyn Gabric for Marlington School Board and Lee and Carolyn Gabric Farms
Reserve champion: Krystin VanVoorhis
Bid: $400 Weight: 41.35 pounds
Buyer: Adriane Oyer, owner of Adriane’s Bobtown Barbershop

Auctioneers and Ringmen:
Jim Kiko, George Kiko, Matt Kiko, Theresa Blocher,
Nate Ray, Jack Rohr, Eric Bevington
Jack Kiko, Jeff Kiko and John Kiko, Doug Milano, Lori Kiko, John Slagle and Lenny Milano

Junior Fair Royalty:
King: Tyler George Queen: Diana Bevington

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