Stark Farm Bureau focuses on policies and awards


CANTON, Ohio – After donating their time and effort to the Farm Bureau for more than 40 years, Herb and Doris Snyder received the Distinguished Service Award from the Stark County Farm Bureau.
Credentials. The Snyders joined the Stark County Farm Bureau in 1964 and have served as vice president, trustees and on many other committees since.
The Distinguished Service Award is the highest honor the Farm Bureau can bestow on an individual.
The award is given to a farmer who has made an outstanding contribution to his community and the industry of agriculture.
The recipients are chosen by the past winners.
Along with the their long service to the bureau the Snyders have also served the Lions Club, 4-H, Jackson School District and the Stark Soil and Water Conservation District board.
They were married in 1950 and have three children, seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. They had dairy cows for 25 years and then raised grain and beef cattle for 26 more.
Annual meeting. The award was presented at the Stark County Farm Bureau’s annual meeting Sept. 13 at the Stark County Fairgrounds.
Reed Varian, president of Stark County Farm Bureau, recognized state trustees Gale Betterly and Jeff Zellers and Stark County Commissioner Richard Regula, who were in attendance.
Organization director Nick Kennedy reported the county association had a total income of $120,933.15, with a net gain of $11,820.83.
Trustee nominees. Bill Wentling announced the trustee and delegate ballot nominees.
The new trustees are as follows: District I Trustee, Dennis Smith; at-large trustees, John Brainerd, Frank Burkett III, John Miller, Tom Seifert Jr. and Jennifer Wentling.
Delegates for the 2006 Ohio Farm Bureau annual meeting are Richard Slicker, Bob Wentling, Gladys Slicker and Gloria Wentling. The alternates are Jay and Debbie Harsh.
Proposed policy. Frank Burkett, policy development chairman, led discussion of the proposed policies.
Eminent domain was brought up in all three areas of proposed polices; local, state and national.
The proposed policy involved controlling the abuse of eminent domain in areas such as parks, schools and private corporations at local, state and federal levels.
Attendees at the meeting wanted to make sure the policy specifically read they were against the abuse of eminent domain.
Muskingum Watershed. Stark County is included in the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District, said Burkett, where officials are looking at assessing a levy on watershed landowners.
The Farm Bureau members discussed policy calling for clear definitions and accountability for the funds of this assessment before final district implementation.
The proposed policy focused on clarifying issues such as; the specific formula for the assessment, who is making the spending decisions, will there be fair representation, goals and a completion date.
Under national policy, members supported an increase of consumption of renewable fuels to 25 percent of total fuels.
County awards. Stark County received the Golden Tractor Award, which was presented to Varian for a 100-member gain from last year. The county president also received the Super Star Award for having 6,805 members as of Aug. 1.
Star awards. Nine out of 10 committees received Star Awards for the committee chairman’s services to the bureau this past year.
The following people received Star Awards for chairing these teams: Bob Wentling, advisory council; Jay and Debby Harsh, information; Janet Cassidy, membership; Dennis Smith and Bill Wentling, government affairs; Charlotte Miller, safety; John and Midge Brainerd, promotion and education; Randy Pero, agriculture ecology; Frank Burkett III, policy development; and Gloria Wentling, Nationwide sponsorship.
Encouraging words. Jeff Zellers, state trustee, commended the members for their involvement and for developing policy suggestions and grassroots ideas.
“Banging your hand on the table and lamenting after the process doesn’t do any good,” Zellers said. “Being involved in the process does.”
New chairman. At the end of the meeting, next year’s chairman were announced.
The 2005-2006 committee chairs are: Terry Klick, government affairs; Janice Nieto, safety coordinator; Bill and Jennifer Wentling, advisory council and Young Farmer Conference; Les and Sharon Snyder, youth council advisors; Nancy Varian, membership committee; John and Midge Brainerd, promotion and education; Michael Greenbaum, agriculture ecology; Frank Burkett III, policy development; Bob Wentling, Nationwide sponsorship.


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