Uncle Sam’s eBay: Web site features government items


WASHINGTON – You’ve heard it all before: “Jeeps for $50! Planes and boats under $100!”

If these government auction bargains seem too good to be true, that’s because they are.

Where can you get the real deal on government shopping and auctions?

Click on the “Shopping and Auctions” page at firstgov.gov, the online “front door” to the U.S. government.

With a click of a mouse, you can now get information on all of the products the federal government offers for sale or auction in one place.

Interested in buying a car that was seized by the U.S. Customs Service? Want to buy some surplus government property? Wondering where you can purchase a print from the National Gallery of Art? It’s all right here.

This new page takes all of the federal government’s sales of property, real estate, cars, souvenirs, books, gifts and auctions and organizes it on one easy-to-read-and-navigate page.

To find the “Shopping and Auctions” page, just follow the “For Sale!” link listed under “Online Services for Citizens” on www.firstgov.gov‘s home page.

What you’ll find. This new page breaks the sales and auctions into eight categories:

* Auctions: Get the facts you need on how to participate in general, federal, state, and local auctions.

* Cars and transportation: Find out what types of cars, boats, SUVs and planes the government has seized, acquired or no longer needs.

* Loans and investments: Buy guaranteed securities, savings bonds and more. Find out about the types of loans the government offers.

* Real Estate: Find out about auctions that offer real estate the government owns as a result of surpluses, foreclosure, tax evasion or seizure.

* Souvenirs/books/gifts: Plan your family’s next trip to government-run museums, libraries and parks or buy mementos from these historical places.

* Supplies and equipment: Purchase industrial, commercial and residential goods such as computers, furniture, tools and paint.

* For government and non-profit buyers: Special deals on surplus property for government and non-profit organizations.

* Find sales by agency: Browse federal sales by agency.


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