Under water: Advice on disposal of drowned animals


REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio – To help farmers better manage flood-related problems in Ohio, the Ohio Department of Agriculture has issued the following recommendations regarding safe disposal of drowned animals.
In areas where livestock and poultry losses have occurred because of flooding, prompt and sanitary disposal of animal carcasses is necessary to protect living animals and public health.
Find them. Livestock and poultry owners are encouraged to search all pastures for dead animals as soon as possible.
Carcasses should be sent to a rendering plant or otherwise disposed of as soon as possible.
Under state law, animal carcasses must be rendered, burned, buried, or composted.
The state will not pay a rendering plant or licensed renderer collector directly for removal of animals. Individuals or local governments should make their own arrangements for pick-up and billing with a collector or rendering plant, and then include the costs in expense-reimbursement requests for aid.
At home. If rendering is not possible, farmers should follow the guidelines below to dispose of dead animals on their property.


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