USDA OKs StarLink diagnostic kit


WASHINGTON – USDA’s Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration has evaluated another test kit for the determination of StarLink corn in corn grain.

Following its evaluation on the Strategic Diagnostics’ GMO Bt9 Maize Kit, the USDA concluded that

USDA’s verification of tests is performed on grain only, as opposed to processed foods.

USDA verified the test detects the presence of StarLink; the quantitative claims by the manufacturer were not verified.

USDA began offering official testing service for StarLink Nov. 15 after the grain markets expressed the need for government backed testing and to ensure that corn export markets that have specific restrictions on the import of corn containing StarLink are fulfilled.

StarLink is a variety of corn developed by Aventis Crop Science that incorporates biotechnical modification to control insect damage. StarLink is approved for animal feed and industrial use only and is no longer available as seed for production.

For more information on StarLink testing services, see GIPSA’s Web site at

For information on test kit performance evaluation and laboratory accreditation services, visit


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