Vocal minority passed Florida hog legislation



As far as I can see the Florida voters will vote for anything that they feel is a “do gooder.” (“Florida voters send message to pork producers nationwide,” Nov. 14, 2002).

The hog growers are being told what to do by people who had no idea at all what they were voting for when they passed this restrictive constitutional amendment at this November’s election.

I have no knowledge of the housing conditions of pregnant sows and I am sure that over 99 percent of the “compassionate” voters share my vast knowledge. They do not realize that the very few hog producers in this state would not do anything to damage their own financial welfare by being cruel to their pregnant sows.

If the hog growers in other states wish to have a meaningful input into any issue directly related to them, they should keep this issue from being on a statewide ballot. Our own agricultural commissioner was against this restrictive amendment.

Rules that affect agriculture should be made by the state agricultural authorities who should have knowledge of the issues involved and act accordingly.

Robert M. Bricker

Venice, Fla.

(The author grew up on a farm in Columbiana County, Ohio.)


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