What’s wrong with this picture?


What’s wrong with this picture?

In a baseball game between 15-year-olds in Georgia last month, the stats included a broken nose and 10 arrests. Someone shoved the ump because they didn’t like a call at second base and that’s when the melee began.

The cops came and broke up the violence, arresting five adults and five youth. Most were charges with public affray, but one adult was charged with battery and one juvenile was charged with aggravated assault.

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Five teens in the southwestern Ohio town of Mason thought it would be a lark to take some animals from a nearby hobby farm and let them loose in their high school as part of a senior prank. Two animals, a rabbit and a peacock, died as a result of the theft.

Mason Municipal Judge George Parker isn’t amused. So far, he’s sentenced three teens to a week in jail, with daily time off to clean cages at a local animal shelter.

One parent now says he might sue the family whose property was used for a teen drinking party prior to the incident.

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We’re following a story for next week’s paper of brutal cow beatings up in Lake County, Ohio. On two separate occasions in the past two weeks, Russ Rettger has found cattle beaten on his farm. Officials are still investigating the crime.

The norm. These are just a few incidents, but similar events happen daily all around us that confound me. I must be getting old, because I just don’t get it.

We could blame the children and teens for their role in these incidents, and certainly, they share responsibility. But more parents seem oblivious to their role in discipline, and teaching life skills of morality, ethics and responsibility.

Judge Parker asked one Mason teen of her role in the prank, “What were you thinking?” He got the response, “I wasn’t.”

What’s wrong with this picture?


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