Wooster herd No. 1 in state: Wayne County recognizes top herds


WOOSTER, Ohio – Four Wayne County milk producers in the top 10 in the state for milk, fat and protein production were among the individuals recognized during the 2002 Wayne County Dairy Banquet at Memories Party Center in Wooster.

State leader. As the top Holstein herd in the state and a repeat winner as the county’s top Holstein herd, K-Land Holsteins of Wooster averaged 29,045 pounds of milk, 1,205 pounds of fat and 912 pounds of protein (31,669 pounds of Energy Corrected Milk) to move up from their sixth place spot last year to the No. 1 spot in the state this year.

They also had the top Holstein cow with 43,040 pounds of milk, 1641 pounds of fat and 1253 pounds of protein (44,347 ECM).

Pine Tree Dairy of Sterling is ranked as the state’s fourth place Holstein herd, with 28,409 pounds of milk, 1,045 pounds of fat and 851 pounds of protein (28,950 ECM).

Colored breeds. Cantendo Acres is ranked as the fourth place Ayrshire herd and is also the county’s top Ayrshire herd with 17,534 pounds of milk, 676 pounds of fat and 537 pounds of protein (18,354 ECM). Spring Run Farm of Shreve had the top Ayrshire cow with 20,650 pounds of milk, 907 pounds of fat and 609 pounds of protein (22,883 ECM).

Schirm Farms of West Salem is ranked 10th in the state and also had the county’s top Jersey herd with 17,040 pounds of milk, 803 pounds of fat and 628 pounds of protein (20,493 ECM) They also had the top Jersey cow in the county with 26,280 pounds of milk, 1,136 pounds of fat and 943 pounds of protein (30,094 ECM).

K-Land Swiss of Wooster had the top Brown Swiss herd with 29,062 pounds of milk, 1,194 pounds of fat and 1,010 pounds of protein (32,238 ECM) and the top Brown Swiss cow with 30,300 pounds of milk, 1,310 pounds of fat and 1,014 pounds of protein (34,173 ECM).

During the meeting, Kevin Lingle, Mike Hunsberger, Nate Fair and Kurt Mairs were elected to the Dairy Service Unit Board.

Top youth. Andrea Keener was crowned the 2002 Wayne County Dairy Princess, and Erin Gill was named the 2002 Outstanding Dairy Youth during the annual banquet.

Keener, 18, is the daughter of Phil and Jean Keener of West Salem. Gill is the daughter of Ralph and Kristi Gill of Wooster.

Amanda Scheibe, daughter of Rod and Addie Scheibe of Wooster, was selected as dairy princess runner-up. Scheibe was also recognized as the most improved member of the senior dairy judging team.

Mallory Wells, daughter of Denny and Jody Wells of Shreve, was selected as the 2002 Wayne County junior dairy princess. Beth Bechtel, daughter of Lowell and Nancy Bechtel of Wooster, is first runner-up.

Matt Weeman was selected as the most improved member of the junior dairy judging team.


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