Workshop to explain Community Supported Agriculture sales


MANHEIM, Pa. – Producers and beginning farmers who want to learn how to grow their sales through farmers markets and Community Supported Agriculture are invited to attend a Pennsylvania Farm Link sponsored meeting at Paul Sarver’s farm, Old Route 66, Greensburg, June 19 from 7-9:30 p.m.

Sarver will explain how his gradual expansion of his farming business from 1.6 acres to his current 8 acres in organic produce and pastured poultry.

Topics. Starting with sales at farmers markets, Sarver will explain his retail and wholesales sales strategies. He will describe growing transplants in the greenhouse, how he grew the business, farming practices, his interest in working with and encouraging youth in agriculture, and he will provide a tour of the farm.

Subscription farming is essentially grower contracting and can be applied to any type of farm.

The producer “contracts” with the consumer to provide a specific type of product during a specific time period and with a specific delivery date.

Sarver will describe how he started his CSA and will provide information for participants on how to start a CSA in their own communities. Information on marketing trends and ways to direct market will be included.

Farm Link Director, Marion Bowlan will explain how to do market research and tips to develop a marketing plan.

Directions. Take the Pennsylvania Turnpike to the New Stanton exit. Take Route 66 North (toll) to exit 6. Turn left at the exit, at the Dairy Queen. The road doglegs and the Sarver farmstead is the second brick house on the right.

Contact Pennsylvania Farm Link at 717-664-7077 by June 17 to preregister.


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