Young farmers win big at the Stark County Fair


Sept. 1 & 4, 2010
Sale Total: $552,643.70
Total Lots:


Number of Market Lots: 95
Average: $4.79/pound

Grand champion exhibitor: Sara Klehm
Bid: $7/pound Weight: 1,335 pounds
Buyer: Enviroscapes, Eslich Wrecking Company, Hometown Veterinary Service, Kiko Meats, George and Becky Kiko, Klehm Cattle Company, Kreighbaum-Sanders FH, and Cliff Linder of Umbarger Feeds.
Reserve ch. exhibitor/Best of show: Amber Shoemaker
Bid: $6/pound Weight: 1,340 pounds
Buyer: Biery Cheese, Enviroscapes, Eslich Wrecking Company, Kiko Meats and Miller & Company.
Grand champion carcass: Rachel Linder
Bid: $3.25/pound Weight: 1,264 pounds
Buyer: Patricia Fallot, and SCG Logistics
Reserve champion carcass: Stan Soehnlen
Bid: $3/pound Weight: 1,358 pounds
Buyer: Ohio Industrial Supply, and Soehnlen Vet Clinic
First-place rate of gain: Tyler Mackey, with 3.475 pounds per day
Champion born and raised: Kaitlin Chaddock
Reserve champion born and raised: Brooklyn Pugh


Number of Lots: 16

Grand champion dairy steer: Shem Haas
Bid: $1.50/pound Weight: 1,335 pounds
Buyer: Kiko Farms
Reserve champion dairy steer: Madison Kiko
Bid: $1.90/pound Weight: 1,570 pounds
Buyer: Wallace Farms Feed and Drive-thru
Best of show carcass: Tatiana Varner
Bid: $1.75/pound Weight: 1,543 pounds
Buyer: Wallace Farms Feed and Drive-thru
Reserve best of show carcass: Dharma Varner
Bid: $1.50/pound Weight: 1,393 pounds
Buyer: Ramsey Hoof Trimming
Senior skill-a-thon winner: Emily Shockling
Intermediate skill-a-thon winner: Tatiana Varner
Senior showman, champion rate of gain: Evan Kiko


Number of Market Lots: 203
Average: $2.14/pound

Grand champion exhibitor: Ellie Chaddock
Bid: $15.50/pound (new record) Weight: 282 pounds
Buyer: Gary D. & Elaine Chaddock; Clark & Chaddock; Dr. Dan Moretta; Kishman’s IGA; Kline Family Livestock; Krugliak, Wikens, Griffths; Pizza Oven; Scott’s Truck and Auto Service; Wackerly Moving LLC; and West Main Vet Clinic/Paradise
Reserve champion exhibitor: Paige Lewis
Bid: $9/pound Weight: 269 pounds
Buyer: Giant Eagle-Louisville; Israel Funeral Home; Lewis, Hank & Jeanine; Louisville Physical Therapy; Star Mills; and Fredlee and Donita Votaw

Grand champion carcass: Victoria Maurer
Bid: $5.25/pound Weight: 221 pounds
Buyer: Enviroscapes, Hometown Veterinary Service, and George and Becky Kiko
Reserve champion carcass: Kalob Wilson
Bid: $4.25/pound Weight: 243 pounds
Buyer: Siegfried Enterprises Inc.


Number of Market Lots: 61
Average: $3.24/pound
Grand champion exhibitor: Jennifer Ritchie
Bid: $10/pound Weight: 133 pounds
Buyer: PSC Metals
Reserve champion exhibitor: Amber Shoemaker
Bid: $7.50/pound Weight: 126 pounds
Buyer: Enviroscapes

Grand champion county lamb: Garret Mills
Bid: $5/pound Weight: 138 pounds
Buyer: Dave Stucki, Stark county judge; Kim R. Perez, auditor; and Steven M. Meeks, commissioner
Reserve champion county lamb: Angela Casalinova
Bid: $7.50/pound Weight: 137 pounds
Buyer: Akron Iron and Metal
Grand champion carcass: Jennifer Ritchie
Bid: $5/pound Weight: 104 pounds
Buyer: Carnation Rentals
Reserve champion carcass: Katie Frank
Bid: $3/pound Weight: 126 pounds
Buyer: Brunner-Cox LLP

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2010 Stark County Fair


Number of Market Lots: 5
Average: $165

Grand champion exhibitor: Maggi Estock
Bid: $225
Buyer: Wallace Farms Feed and Drive-thru, and David Wimer
Reserve champion exhibitor: Maggi Estock
Bid: $200
Buyer: J.J. Estock


Number of Market Lots: 38
Average: $3.07/pound

Grand champion exhibitor/best of show (boer): Katherine Frank
Bid: $6.25/pound Weight: 81 pounds
Buyer: Bowman’s Drive-tru
Reserve champion exhibitor (boer): Aaron Ray
Bid: $6/pound Weight: 91 pounds
Buyer: Carrie’s Meadow Dairy Goats, Clearview Farms, Kalleker Drywall, David Ray
Grand champion dairy goat: Kara Humphrey
Bid: $7.50/pound Weight: 94 pounds
Buyer: Kristine Beard
Reserve champion dairy goat: Beverly Shields
Bid: $3/pound Weight: 96 pounds
Buyer: Steven Meeks, Kirk Schuring, Tom Lipps, and David Stucki


Number of Lots: 141
Average: $1.80/pound

Grand champion exhibitor: Justin Zwick
Bid: $2.25/pound Weight: 615 pounds
Buyer: Harold Yoder
Reserve champion exhibitor: Shelby Conrad
Bid: $3.75/pound Weight: 600 pounds
Buyer: Brewster Cheese

Champion of champions feeder showman, senior feeder showman: Amber Shoemaker
Intermediate dairy feeder showmanship: Joshua Brown
Junior dairy feeder showmanship: Sydney Daniel
Senior dairy feeder skill-a-thon winner: Emily Shockling
Intermediate dairy feeder skill-a-thon winner: Maurine Speight
Junior dairy feeder skill-a-thon winner: Daniel Wolfe
First-year senior dairy feeder showmanship: Diana Bevington
First-year junior dairy feeder showmanship: Maddie Bishop


Number of Lots: 11
Average: $1,018/basket
Grand champion: Jacob Campbell
Bid: $1,300/basket
Buyer: Ramsey Hoof Trimming, and Wallace Farms Feed and Drive-thru
Reserve champion: Katie Wallace
Bid: $1,500
Buyer: Bishop Ag, Theresa Blocher, Campbell Bros Inc., Kiko Farms and Ramsey Hoof Trimming


Number of Pens of Three: 12
Average: 115$/lb.

Grand champion exhibitor/best of show: Haley Faverty
Bid: $200 Weight: 12.35 pounds
Buyer: Ken and Fran Faverty
Reserve champion exhibitor/reserve best of show: Cordell Bergert
Bid: $385 Weight: 12.75 pounds
Buyer: The A. Morgan Building Group


Number of Pens of Three: 93
Average: $198

Grand champion exhibitor: Diana Bevington
Bid: $500 Weight: 17.73
Buyer: Hartville Kitchen
Reserve champion exhibitor: Amber Shoemaker
Bid: $550 Weight: 16.91
Buyer: Hartville Kitchen


Number of Lots: 24
Average: $195.83

Grand champion exhibitor/reserve best of show: Amber Shoemaker
Bid: $600 Weight: 39.64 pounds
Buyer: Enviroscapes
Reserve champion exhibitor: Emily Conrad
Bid: $500 Weight: 39.79 pounds
Buyer: Wallace Farms Feed and Drive-thru

Auctioneers and Ringmen:
Kiko Auctioneers and Realtors

Junior Fair Royalty:
King: Robert Wolfe Queen: Lucy Thompson


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