Your rural motif ornament may be worth $100 prize


HARRISBURG, Pa. – Win $100 for your best holiday ornament with a rural motif. This is one of the new contests being promoted in the Family Living area of the 2001 Pa. Farm Show.

Gerri Moore, chairman of Family Living, reports that the $100 prize will be the most money ever awarded in the craft department.

Ornaments must have a rural theme. They can be crafted from eight different mediums. They include sewn or quilted, knitted or crocheted, needlepoint or embroidery, tatted, or smocked, plastic canvas, wood or miscellaneous.

Size can not exceed 6 inches-by-6 inches and the ornament cannot weigh more than 3 ounces. Each ornament will be judged in its individual class and then a best of show will be chosen from the winners.

The winning ornament will then become the property of the Farm Show Scholarship Foundation and will be sold at the “Pa. Auctioneer Bid-Calling Contest”, Jan. 10.

Ornaments will be accepted on the second floor of the Farm Show Jan. 4 between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. It is also possible to mail your entry. All entries must conform to the general rules.

Call 717-787-2905 and request a premium list and general entry blank.

The Pa. Farm Show will be Jan. 6-11 at 2301 N. Cameron St., Harrisburg, Pa.


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