Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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Results from this year's Columbiana County Fair market livestock sale, which totaled more than $425,000.

While permits are still being sought in the Utica shale region, the real story may be in the number of wells waiting to be fracked.

USDA estimates 73 percent of the nation’s domestic cattle are within an area of drought.

One-third of the corn and soybean crops in the Midwest are projected to have poor yields this harvest due to the drought.

Check out the sale results from the 2012 Summit County Fair.

The 2012 Carroll County Fair youth livestock auction had multiple record breaking bids.

Produce and some grain farmers using irrigation in full force, to try and save the crop.

It was a hot afternoon in Cadiz, Ohio, for the 4-H youth livestock auction. We have the results.

The temperatures soared into the 90's during the week of the Trumbull County Fair and with the record temperatures came record high prices for steers, lambs and hogs.

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