Friday, September 29, 2023
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Precision agriculture’s latest push is autonomous tractors. Although the shift to automation will be gradual, it is coming nevertheless, and Ohio State professor Scott Shearer is on the cutting edge of advancing this technology.

Experts discuss the latest innovations in autonomous tractors and soy biodiesel at Ohio Soybean Association's Hometown Tour stop at Layman Farms.

Five research projects have been awarded funding from the new AgTech Innovation Hub, a collaboration between The Ohio State University and Nationwide.

John Deere Property Center allows users to plan and track maintenance for equipment, buy parts, and learn how to do key jobs around their yard or acreage.

Major innovations in agriculture have enabled farms to implement technology at a rapid rate, opening new career paths to STEM-focused students.

Klick has farming in his blood. He is part of a farm family that’s in its fifth generation. According to Klick, farming is a business, and everyone should be open to the entrepreneurial side. In the meantime, he is giving voice to a new generation.

Researchers at the University of Dayton are studying the movement of droplets after they leave drone sprayers to minimize drift when crop spraying.

An Ohio farm used a drone to seed cereal rye into standing corn as part of an experiment to see the best way to get cover crop seed planted in the fall.

Wall Street is betting that tomorrow’s biggest, most autonomous farm equipment manufacturer will be Deere & Co, featuring driverless John Deere tractors.

Milk production increases and labor savings determine whether an automated system is more profitable. The greatest effect on both is facility design.