Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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For two professional photographers, Bob DeMay, of Green, and Tim Adams, of Coshocton, taking photos of bald eagles is not just a great hobby.

Bald eagle populations all over the United States have been growing. Learn more about the programs and changes that contributed to their recovery.

Two bald eagles were returned to the wild in Crawford County in late May after being rescued and rehabilitated by Pennsylvania Game Commissioners.

From the arrival of eaglets in Washington, D.C. to programmable produce, here are seven news stories from around the web this week.

PIPESTEM, W.Va. — Volunteers are welcome to join the annual survey of the skies and waterways of the Pipestem area for golden and bald...

From wildflowers in Death Valley to bald eagles in Washington, D.C., here’s a recap of news from around the web this week.

Recovering an endangered species requires legal protection, habitat, motivated staff, funding and time. Sometimes it can take decades for a species to recover.When a...