Monday, October 2, 2023

Instead of being wary of a larger predator that could pose a danger, some badgers will team up with a coyote as a hunting partner. 
red fox

Although red fox populations are declining in Ohio, they can be found in all 88 counties and they have adapted to urban and suburban areas as well. 
Trumpeter swan

Ohio started a reintroduction program for trumpeter swans in 1996. As of last year, there were 111 breeding pairs and 206 offspring in the state. 
Josh Kuszmaul

Raptor Hallow Sanctuary, located west of Alliance, Ohio, houses many magnificent creatures that came from wildlife rehabilitation centers all over the U.S.
European ecological forestry

Jim Gresh and his wife, Heidi, are using a technique called European ecological forestry to enhance the biodiversity and habitat within their Ohio forests.
Sedosa the Harris's hawk

The Ohio School of Falconry conducted a program on the sport of falconry at the Beaver Creek Wildlife Education Center's 20th Anniversary Bash.

The management of fish species in any body of water depends on determining how old the fish are, and whether their growth rates are good for their age. 
lake trout

Lake Erie Coldwater Task Group is working to restore Lake Erie's once-prolific lake trout, which were decimated by pollution, overfishing and parasites.
trumpeter swans

Hundreds of acres, riddled with the refuse of a manufacturing facility, have been successfully converted into Mayor William J. Robertson Nature Preserve.
Dan Wright

The efforts of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife make walleye and saugeye fishing at inland lakes across Ohio possible.