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Anthony, 6, with his Dad after he shot his very first doe Dec. 5, 2015, on their family farm in Pennsylvania.

Former Farm and Dairy reporter Chris Kick (right) and his brother, Todd, got a couple of bucks during the first hour of gun season.

Morgan Weingart killed this 8-point buck opening night of bow season with a compound bow.

Tim Mealey shared this photo of his sons and daughter. They're happy that the oldest brother bagged a deer with his Christmas gift.

Paulette Grennan shows off her first Pennsylvania buck, taken with her dad's old 30-30.

Darren Frantz shot this 9-point during gun season in Mahoning County, Ohio.

Fourteen-year-old Noah Miller got his first deer this year on his family's property in Kinsman, Ohio.

Former Farm and Dairy reporter Chris Kick had some success in early December 2014 by bagging this 6-point buck.

This one-of-a-kind bag is definitely brag-worthy! Scott McCormick of Bethesda, Ohio, shot this mountain goat Nov. 12, 2014, in the ABC Islands of Alaska.

Rick Hayden got his first big buck in Medina County, Ohio on Oct. 26, 2014.