Friday, June 9, 2023
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The rusty patched bumble bee is a known pollinator of berries, tomatoes and legumes. Today, it is present in only 13 states, including Ohio.

Weed scientists have been reporting for years that a conservation program meant to provide habitat for pollinating insects is sowing bad seeds.

15 strange methods that work for treating wasp and bee stings.

Consider the addition of a solitary bee hotel to your garden this season!

Thousands of students in Ohio and seven other states will learn why bees dancing is a vital aspect of honeybee pollination as they participate in this year's 4-H Ag Innovations Experience, the Honey Bee Challenge.

The leading maker of home and garden pest control is removing neonicotinoids from its products.

Attracting native bees to your yard and garden helps your landscape thrive and supports surrounding ecosystems.

Planting wildflowers, native grasses and cover crops like buckwheat, mustard, clover and sunflowers provides high value food for honey bees.

Honeybees are responsible for pollinating more than 70 crops.

The Flow Hive is said to simplify the honey-harvesting process by simply turning a knob on the hive.