Monday, January 25, 2021
blue jay

Learn how to make a peanut butter log bird feeder and find out what birds you're likely to attract to your Northeast Ohio backyard.

Learn how to make simple salt-dough Christmas ornaments.
Fuzzy Christmas Gnomes

Learn how to make a simple Christmas gnome from fuzzy socks to give as a last-minute or on-a-budget Christmas gift.
gingerbread house

Learn how to plan, bake, construct and decorate a simple gingerbread house from scratch.
Ohio Department of Health Mask-Wearing Sign

Find out how to report noncompliance with Ohio's statewide mandatory mask order and learn about the COVID-19 resources available in each health district.
banded woolly bear

Their abundance, wide distribution and flexible diet make woolly bear caterpillars ideal for a home school science project. Learn how to care for them.
black walnut

Learn how to pick an ideal planting site, choose viable seeds and ensure seed germination to successfully grow a walnut tree from seed.

Learn how to help the environment and get your yard and garden prepared for winter quicker and with less effort.
wood stove

If you're going to heat your home with wood, you should learn how to operate and maintain a wood burner to keep it safe and efficient for many years.

No matter what kind of scarecrow you want to make, these tips can help you get started with simple instructions.