Tuesday, May 3, 2016
vegetable transplant collage

Proper preparation, timing and technique help seedlings become healthy and productive plants.

Roasted garlic can be used in many recipes, from dips and dressings to mashed potatoes and chicken.
plants in trays

The cost of seeds and seedlings, soil amendments, pest and weed controls and tools can add up quickly.
coffee grounds

Coffee grounds offer several benefits for your garden’s soil and are also useful for compost and mulch.
moon garden collage

What does the lunar cycle have to do with gardening? Learn the basic principles of moon gardening, a practice used by Ancient Romans and Native Americans that is still talked about today.
Eastern mole

New baits and repellents for moles work better than the home remedies some people swear by, and trapping is still one of the most efficient means of controlling moles.
onions and potatoes

Learn how to grow onion sets and why you should plant seed potatoes instead of potatoes from the supermarket.
corn planter

It may be too cold now, but this is a good time to get ready for planting.
grilled cheese

It doesn’t take much extra effort to turn your normal grilled cheese into inside-out grilled cheese.
succulents with "growing succulents indoors: 6 tips" text

Succulents are easy to grow as long as attention is paid to environment, light, soil, water, fertilizer and pest control.
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