Tuesday, December 5, 2023
bee on goldenrod

Creating a Certified Wildlife Habitat can make a lasting impact on local ecosystems, helping important pollinators and at-risk species survive and thrive.
raised bed herbs

Learn a few tricks to determine if your raised bed garden is getting enough water.
cattle in pasture

While we can’t control when, where, or the amount of rainfall, there are management practices you can take to minimize damage to pastures.
Beech leaf disease bands

Beech leaf disease has been documented in at least a dozen counties in northeast Ohio and parts of Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut and Ontario, Canada.
Allegheny National Forest

Camping at Dewdrop Campground, site 74, in Allegheny National Forest means trading convenience and comfort for a breathtaking view in the wilderness.

A good location, daily maintenance and regular cleanings can help ensure your birdbath stays clean throughout the summer and into fall.
eastern carpenter bee

Damage to manmade structures can be prevented without harming eastern carpenter bees when their behavior and their lifecycle are taken into account.

There are several ways to discourage starlings from visiting your backyard. Eliminating easy access to food sources and nesting sites is crucial.
tomatoes and basil

Companion planting is a technique gardeners use to reduce maintenance and deter pests. Learn which garden plants make ideal companions for common herbs.
nest box

Learn how to build and install a simple nest box for common cavity-nesting songbirds that live in your backyard and nearby habitats.