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To attract birds to your feeder, you have to consider the seed you’re using, the type of feeder you have and what water sources are available.

We feed birds because we enjoy seeing them in our backyards, why not make our efforts a bit more worthwhile by participating in Project FeederWatch.

Match your favorite birds to their favorite foods and feeders to ensure an enjoyable winter feeding season.

Hummingbird sightings don’t have to be a rare occurrence. An abundance of food, water, nesting sites and perches will attract them to your garden.

A bird feeder is a window into the world of wild bird behavior. It can entertain and educate curious birdwatchers for hours.

Ground feeders are nice to have around because they clean up the seeds other birds kick to the ground.

Seeing red-breasted nuthatches is always a treat as they are acrobatic birds that often climb head-first down tree trunks and spiral around branches.

Assuming you have suitable habitat with some woody cover, you can expect 12 to 20 bird species to visit feeders over the course of the winter.

Chilly temperatures and shorter days mean it's time to fill the bird feeders. Check out this quick review of the best foods to offer backyard birds.