Monday, October 3, 2022
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Judith Sutherland recalls time spent with one of her favorite dogs growing up, a sable and white collie-shepherd pup they named Chet.

Her grandson's excitement over his first book fair took Judith Sutherland back to the enthusiastic joy she felt attending book fairs during her youth.

During Judith Sutherland's youth, nothing — absolutely no business of any kind — was open on Sunday.

No matter how many years have passed, Judith Sutherland still sees time on the clock as it pertains to milking time.

Judith Sutherland explains why she believes farm-raised children are exposed to the need for innovative thinking at a higher rate than the average child.

Judith Sutherland has never known a life without dogs. In her column this week, she recalls growing up with her Pekingese, Chippi Chan.

Judith Sutherland delights in watching her oldest grandchild swim the entire length of a 36-foot pool on his own power.

Judith Sutherland is reminded of the way the world opens up and the way you find the place you fit into it when you're 10 years old.

In the summertime, everything is brighter, lighter, grander and we feel more alive all the way to our bones, according to Judith Sutherland.

Judith Sutherland uncovers an old diary and reacquaints herself with her 13-year-old mind.