Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Alan Guebert started out traveling by foot on the dairy farm of his youth, and after a crash or two on two wheels, it seems walking suits him best.

During Judith Sutherland's childhood, old barns typically had a basketball hoop attached to the wall or a beam, drawing children in to play barn ball.

Judith Sutherland recalls the short bangs she had throughout her childhood and the ritual of having them trimmed just as they reached a reasonable length.

As a child, Judith Sutherland named all the animals on her family farm. She couldn't give up on any without recognizing its wonder in the world.

The old farm dump site in the woods of Judith Sutherland's youth provided her and her siblings with the boards they needed to build their own treehouse.

Bryce Angell shares a story about the charms of using an outhouse in the middle of winter.

Judith Sutherland recalls the snow day adventures of her youth.

Judith Sutherland recalls the year she made a friend who had many freedoms, the envy she felt and her eventual appreciation for her parents and their rules.

Things always change. And that is one truth we each carry with us, no matter our station in this life," Judith Sutherland writes in her column this week.

Alan Guebert recalls late-summer campouts on the Mississippi with his older brother David during his youth.