Monday, October 3, 2022
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Judith Sutherland's grandaughter transforms her living room into a doctor's office, farm, grocery store, kitchen and salon during an imaginative afternoon.

Everything from barn ball to pasture puck hockey served as a great foundation toward building a whole lot of strong kids.

Judith Sutherland recalls being taught the virtue of patience during childhood and many situations where being patient paid off.

It wasn't until Judith Sutherland's freshman year of high school that the school board changed the dress code to allow girls to wear pants to school.

Being raised on a farm is filled with work and joy, tempered with loss, wisdom and growth that can't be measured over the course of a childhood.

Alan Guebert recalls the heating systems and various tactics his family used to stay warm 60 years ago in the farm house of his youth.

Kymberly Foster Seabolt thinks it is crucial for those of us who remember some of the “good old days” to get real about some of the pitfalls too.

Judith Sutherland recalls winter memories of her youth.

Judith Sutherland recalls her first trip out of Ohio to a farm in Pennsylvania to buy a young boar pig.

Children serve as a reminder of years — and time in general — rolling by faster than we otherwise would realize.