Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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Judith Sutherland wishes her earliest best friend a happy birthday.

Ohio State University Extension educator and associate professor David Marrison shares his suggestions for a happier holiday season.

A new era of lifestyle had opened and suburbia appeared to be the best solution to the nation’s housing problem, following World War II.

Judith Sutherland received a surprise visit from a loyal reader with an unexpected gift. Read her story and remember to pass along kindness wherever you go.

Blessed with a long life, this morning it feels to many of us that Vic Kahl’s journey still wasn’t quite long enough as we say the final farewell. 

Editor-in-chief Rebecca Miller ponders how social media has impacted farmers and influenced the way they network — both positively and negatively.

Editor-in-chief Rebecca Miller reflects on past trips to Kenya and how politics are handled there, pondering whether there's a parallel to U.S. politics.

In the wake of a fire that claimed the lives of the three youngest children of the Bogavich family, the Jeromesville community rallies around the survivors.

A group of volunteers plans to return Aug. 5-11 to Sydney, Iowa where they delivered supplies in the spring. Additional volunteers are needed.

The competitiveness of U.S. agriculture, as well as the welfare of farm workers and their communities, depends on how we adapt to an era of labor scarcity.