Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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Kymberly Foster Seabolt reflects on the great social media outage of Oct. 4, 2021, and society's dependency on these platforms.

Judith Sutherland reminds mindful even in the long days during harvest season following the theft of her nephew's pickup truck.

Kym Seabolt digs into “The Customer is Always Right” mentality that some consumers fall back on as a pass for rude behavior and reminds us to be kind.

Judith Sutherland accompanies her mother on a visit to a childhood friend's home.

Threshing day was the greatest day of the year for farmers in the 1930s when life was slower, harder and more neighborly.

Judith Sutherland shares the experience of attending a delayed wedding celebration.

Kym Seabolt's dog, Nova Grace, suffers a strange illness but a second opinion and the power of community armed with the power of prayer helped save her.

Judith Sutherland recalls a recent conversation with her mother about her grandparents' willingness to help those less fortunate in the 1930s.

Dairy Excel columnist Bonnie Ayars asks readers to think about their generational identity.

Alan Guebert digs into how the USDA sent almost $24 billion to farmers over two years, but socially disadvantaged farmers received next to nothing.