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After a barn roof at Montgomery Dairy Farm, in Newton Falls, collapsed in early February, the community stepped up to help the Montgomerys with a fundraiser May 15.

The Dotterers opened their farm to about 2,500 visitors, including more than 60 vendors, for the 2021 Dairy Twilight Tour, July 20, organized by the Wayne-Ashland Dairy Service Unit. The event’s attendance this year set a record.

While a milking system should have at least a yearly professional inspection, there are many other on farm evaluations that should be done much more often.

A fun spin on a A Visit from St. Nicholas, from a farmer's point of view, brought to you by Ohio State University Extension Dairy Working Group.

The farm, an organic dairy, uses rotational grazing through most of the year, among other conservation practices. This year, the farm received the Cooperator of the Year award from the Carroll Soil and Water Conservation District for its conservation work.

The Oravets family wanted to make a living through small-scale dairy farming. So they started Old Forge Dairy, making aged cheese the old fashioned way.

At Stark County Farm Bureau's Milk and Cookies with Santa on Clardale Farms, visitors met dairy cows and Santa and wrote letters for Sophie's Magic Mailbox.

Life on dairy farms in the 1970s proved to be a very good time indeed.

Joel Smith of Smith Vale Farms, Homeworth, Ohio, is a third generation dairy farmer. His parents and uncle farm full-time with him, milking 126 cows.

Like 2015, this year was not a kind year for many Ohio dairy farms.