Thursday, May 6, 2021
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If a majority of dairy farms in Pennsylvania adopt conservation best-management practices, the state may achieve its daily load water-quality target.

Eleven years of herd data from 489 year-end financial and production record summaries identified six key drivers of profitability on dairies.

Mercer County, Pa., dairy farmer recounts getting the drop letter from Dean Foods and her efforts to find a new milk market. Some have not been so lucky.

Holstein Association USA is announcing a new program known as TriStarSM AMR.

Long-day lighting has been around on many farms for years, but farmers may not be getting the most out of it. Use these tips to maximize milk production.

Dairy companies across the U.S. are looking to capitalize on increasing milk production through international joint ventures.

Use the benchmark reports available in the Farm Business Summaries to identify strengths and opportunities in your dairy farm's cost structure.

In the Guebert household, Thanksgiving was reserved for family, feasting, and loud, laughter-filled Pinochle games.

Learn more about best practices to help calves regulate their temperature and conserve their energy while taking care to prevent disease.

The 2018 Pennsylvania Dairy Summit highlights a well-diverse program for dairy farmers. This year's Dairy Summit is Feb. 21 and 22.