Tuesday, February 27, 2024
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Pennsylvania dairy producers are invited to apply for the Dairy of Distinction award from the Pennsylvania Dairy of Distinction Program before April 15. 

Retired dairy farmer, Jim Crawford, wrote in to share his thoughts on the misrepresentation of milk's nutritional benefits over the years.

Ohio State Extension educator Jason Hartschuh shares the details of milk price modernization proposals leading up to a USDA federal order hearing.

Judith Sutherland recalls being absolutely terrified of the milk inspector during her childhood. However, one interaction changed all of that.

Twenty-one Ohio dairy farms participated in the 2020 Ohio Farm Business Analysis Program. Dianne Shoemaker shares the results in this week's Dairy Excel.

Dairy farm consolidations will likely continue with emphasis on improving efficiency while meeting the demands of consumers and improving sustainability.

An advantage of Ohio's dairy industry is that one herd size or management system does not fit all. Dianne Shoemaker explains in this week's Dairy Excel.

The Center for Dairy Excellence is working to ensure Pennsylvania dairy farms have contingency plans in place to protect their employees and businesses.

Diversification is key for some dairy farms. That's the case for Pleasant Lane Farms in Latrobe, Pa., and Baker's Golden Dairy, in New Waterford, Ohio.

Just because your dairy farm is bigger, doesn't mean survival is easier. But it's doable. At least it has been for Andreas Farms Inc, in Sugarcreek, Ohio.