Saturday, December 5, 2020
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Winter annual cereals utilize six to seven months of the year and capture an additional 33% of the crop production potential. Learn more about options.

Rotten weather, sudden price dips or unexpected health challenges can't be controlled, but plenty of factors can with good farm management.

Learn how sheep, goats, cows and horses harvest their food on pasture, and how that knowledge can help you finetune your pasture management.

Learn how to determine when to voluntarily cull cows from the herd based on income over feed costs and non-feed direct/variable costs.

Right now, markets continue to value protein over fat. Learn more about the main dietary factors that are related to increased milk protein yield.

In this Dairy Excel column, solvency — the measure of the ability of a business to pay all debt obligations following the sale of all assets — is explained.

Dairy cows that received a short course of anti-inflammatory medication after calving had lower metabolic stress and produced more milk than untreated cows.

Dairy Excel columnist David Marrison considers some issues within dairy industry and other agricultural sectors that the pandemic has shed light on.

Current pasture conditions are variable across the state due to lack of rain for many, so planning will get you better prepared for this fall and winter.

Learn to measure the nutrients in your soil to properly manage your manure application this fall.