Wednesday, January 20, 2021
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A couple of ways to improve the condition and make winter feeding more endurable is to consider a heavy use area and access roads.

Managing body condition for livestock is a balancing act. Learn more about tips and tricks to improve your management practices.

Learn to account for the nutrient requirements of all types of livestock during non-typical weather conditions.

Pick a word for 2021 to help focus on your goals on the farm.

Crop modeling allows producers to focus on the right time and rate of nutrient applications while looking at the return and keeping nutrients in the field.

Farm families should estimate what their desired standard of living is and then develop a plan to make sure farm revenue increases to meet these goals.

Black Ink columnist Miranda Reiman ponders what it means to be great, noting being great is not a goal, it is a constant pursuit.

A fun spin on a A Visit from St. Nicholas, from a farmer's point of view, brought to you by Ohio State University Extension Dairy Working Group.

Winter not only brings snow but also brings lower temperatures. Learn how to reduce stress on your livestock with these feeding strategies.

Learn more about strategies for feeding cattle in the snow, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.