Thursday, November 21, 2019
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One big thing to think about and inspect as you prepare for winter, are potential fire hazards in your barn. Learn how you can prevent winter barn fires.

Foxtail and grass awns can cause some significant medical problems for grazing livestock, horses and companion animals. Learn to recognize the signs.

Feed costs per cwt of milk sold and income over feed costs can be variable from year to year. Learn how to optimize the feed costs in your dairy.

Plan ahead for the winter season to keep your cows in an adequate Body Condition Score (BCS) range prior to calving.

Learn how to improve your employee recruiting process and interview skills to find employees that are the right fit for your farm.

Alan Guebert offers his thoughts on recently proposed farmland drainage solutions and improvements.

In an industry where 75% Choice is barely average, cattle need to start with genetics that can reach higher grades than yesterday.

Forage nutrient analysis reveals nutrient content to determines forage value, which influences livestock feed amounts and the ability to preserve forages.

Proper colostrum management improves calf health and eventually cow productivity. Learn how to use a colostrometer and a Brix meter to determine quality.

With so many Ohio fields left unplanted this year, farmers should consider the risks to next year's crops, soil experts from Ohio State University warn.
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