Monday, October 2, 2023
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Ohio State Extension educator Jason Hartschuh provides information on seeding and fertilizing winter annual cereal grain forages.

Cows need to be culled when they become unprofitable or facilities are too full. Learn how to make these decisions efficiently.

Ohio State University Extension educator Erika Lyon discusses how to prepare forgages for livestock for upcoming fall and winter season.

With corn silage harvest here, Ohio State Extension educator Lee Beers warns of soil compaction and, more importantly, how to avoid it.

Precision agriculture’s latest push is autonomous tractors. Although the shift to automation will be gradual, it is coming nevertheless, and Ohio State professor Scott Shearer is on the cutting edge of advancing this technology.

Experts will discuss climate-smart solutions and how they can enhance dairy farm profitability at the Dairy Financial and Risk Management Conference.

The Center for Dairy Excellence is offering dairy farmers a $100 discount off courses prices to learn Spanish.

OSU Extension educator David Marrison offers some different approaches to simplify the process of farm succession.

An Ohio State field day will feature a panel of local farmers and conversation about strategies and approaches to crop and livestock integration.

Taking the time to test your forages and matching them with a proper mineral mix can ensure good animal health and reproductive efficiency.