Saturday, February 4, 2023
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There are realistic and scary disasters that can affect your farm or family. Make sure you're preapred.

Learn more about the issues associated with extreme winter conditions and what producers can do to protect their herds. 

A dairy farmer makes hundreds of decisions. Picking the right questions can and will determine your farm business outcome.

Feeding losses can occur from trampling, weather conditions, fecal contamination, method of storage and overall hay quality. Learn how to prevent losses.

Learn how to increase and supplement feed for livestock when the weather is colder to account for the metabolic changes that keep them warm.

Find out why Ohio State Extension educator Clif Martin is keeping a close eye on Asian Longhorned Tick, invasive shrubs and drone use on the farm in 2023.

Proper manure application makes good sense for the environment and for your bottom line. But the key is that manure application has to be done correctly.

Cows that are not eating, resting, drinking, showing heat or being milking indicate an opportunity to give your cows an extra Christmas gift this season. 

Hay quality can greatly affect cattle reproductive performance, body condition, calf health and milk production. 

During the winter, there are tons of opportunities for farmers to educate themselves in order to remain sustainable and ultimately, profitable.