Wednesday, January 26, 2022
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Dairy Excel author Chris Zoller provides some management recommendations to help your dairy be successful in 2022.

Learn how to develop a team-oriented grazing plan to manage your pastures better.

Colostrum is an important source of antibodies, nutrients and energy for thermogenesis of newborn calves. And it's even more important in colder weather.

David Marrison asks readers: "If you can choose one word to guide yourself and your farm business in 2022, what will it be?"

OSU Extension educator Chris Zoller creates a unique take on a classic Christmas song to reflect the efforts of those who contribute to farm operations.

Theresa Dirksen, Mercer County Ag Solutions coordinator, has been working with livestock producers, in Mercer County, Ohio, to remove manure phosphorus. 

While the all-milk price for 2022 is high, farmers still need to protect their milk income. Learn more about tools and tactics to protect your milk income.

Taking care of the udder and teats during the harshest weather of the year will keep the cows comfortable and healthy, meaning fewer cases of mastitis.

Learn more about the cost-effectiveness of raising hay by deciding whether to skip fertilizer, use an alternative, buy fertilizer or not raise hay at all.

In this week's All About Grazing column, Dan Lima reminds us of some farm management considerations we should examine before the end of 2021.