Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Jack Dodds risked and lost everything trying to improve his farm. However, what he left for his family was worth more than any physical possessions.

Now is the time of year to evaluate your forage resources and determine if you're going to have enough forage into August and beyond.

Reflect, plan and then implement plans for some key farming particles that will be occurring during the next five months of the year.

It's time to assess what your winter forage needs will be and make plans based on your requirements and availability of the potential forage acres you farm. 

Testing now will give you plenty of time to plan ahead for winter and ensure you have enough supplemental feed on hand.

Anyone who doesn't follow their local flood plain regulations may open themselves and their property to legal action from their neighbors if a flood occurs.

Livestock producers should learn more about the expected changes to the availability of over-the-counter antibiotics before they are implemented in 2023.

Yields have been good for baled forage in northeast Ohio. However, all costs should be considered before putting a price on extra hay.

Each farm and ranch is unique as to how it may use a grazing management system or other conservation programs to be eligible for carbon credit programs. 

Learn what more can be done to improve the soil health in our pastures and what will the benefits be.