Wednesday, April 1, 2020
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Changes to the tax law mean farmers and other small business owners can immediately expense more of the cost of certain business property.

For the past five years, farm income nationwide has been declining, with the exception of 2017. Learn more about what's projected in 2019.

Try these tips to keep up with family traditions and stay within your budget.

Until markets improve, farmers should be aware of their financial situation, work with their lender and use financial analysis tools to make decisions.

What is flowing "into" your farm's wallet? This question is the opposite of last month's column and is equally important.

You know how many dollars are flowing out of your farm's wallet, but per cow, per hundredweight, per ton or per bushel? Is the farm profitable?

Kymberly Foster Seabolt promises if she's ever blessed enough to win the lottery, she'll stay the same person she always has been.

The decision to sell cows or exit farming is never easy. Use these tips to ease the process.

Now is the time to get the farm financial books fully caught up and to project income and expenses through the end of the year.

Farming is an ever-changing business that needs careful attention to be successful. Here are seven tips for all farmers to consider.
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