Saturday, September 23, 2023
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Earning income and paying self-employment taxes as a farm manager has an impact on future social security retirement benefits. 

With the price of groceries and other goods on the rise, many people are trying to make their money count for more. Julie Geiss' family is no exception. 

Wayne Savings Community Bank is announcing the promotion of Sean A. Fitzsimmons to agricultural and commercial lender. 

Alan Guebert peels back the economic theories that have shaped U.S. policy for decades and continue to play a part in government involvement in the markets.

Many ag companies followed a pattern of higher stock prices from January through late April and then faced hard declines. Alan Guebert explains why.

Learn how to pass on good money management skills to children by defining needs and wants, and having the discipline to understand the difference.

Take the time to consider how your farm business will handle the unexpected — death, disability, divorce, lawsuits, buying out a business partner and more.

Archer Daniels Midland last month agreed to pay farmers $45 million to settle. Alan Guebert weighs on this case and the bigger issue with these settlements.

Dianne Shoemaker offers a look at dairy farm margins in 2019 compared to 2020, and advice on how to improve margins on your dairy farm.

Kymberly Foster Seabolt shares some tips and tricks to master the art of thrifting.