Thursday, February 29, 2024
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Marlin Clark admits to being the bearer of bad market news recently. The only positive is that corn prices are so low, exports have increased.

Marlin Clark digs into global production and trade patterns that have been exacerbating low commodity prices, especially, related to corn and soybeans.

As we await the next round of reports, Marlin Clark reports on the lack of news as grain prices have continued to follow a downward trend.

Alan Guebert discusses how falling grain market prices affect farmers and what can be done to solve this problem.

Marlin Clark details how global trade and production are impacting grain prices in the United States.

Marlin Clark discusses the reasons behind a still weakened grain market, detailing year-over-year export comparisons and historical commodity price trends.

Marlin Clark discusses the effects of the WASDE and the Grain Stocks Report on the grain markets, noting record supplies worldwide are hindering prices.

Grain market analysts will get all kinds of numbers from the USDA on Jan. 12. Anything in these numbers could constitute a surprise and rattle the markets.

Holiday traders don't make big price changes. Marlin Clark weighs in on the small price swings in the grain markets over the last couple weeks.

Marlin Clark details how the grain markets have been impacted by recent weather in the Great Plains and South America.