Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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After the excitement of unpredictable weather and the influence of the Ukraine War on markets, prices are settling into a predictable pattern.

Recent rains have helped farmers' crops across the United States, but grain prices have fallen as a result of the improved harvest outlook.

The good weather is overcoming the bullish reaction to export problems in war-torn Ukraine so last week's net gains are being lost.

Grain prices have increased due to the spreading drought across many important production states, however, they become choppy on any idea we will get rain.

There are a lot of traders talking their positions right now. Marlin Clark measures the anecdotal concerns against recent numbers from USDA.

This week, the market was hit with fundamental issues that have shattered some assumptions about the corn and soybean markets. Marlin Clark weighs in.

Marlin Clark analyzes crop conditions and grain futures prices that have been impacted by weather forecasts predicting scattered rain across the Midwest.

All major commodities were stronger last week, as observers decided that we are in a drought of large proportions and that crop ratings are declining.

July corn futures have seen a range of 72 1/2 cents in a little more than three weeks. Marlin Clark weighs in on the causes behind the price fluctuations.

It's dry out there and grain prices remain low. Marlin Clark weighs in on planting progress, crop conditions and corn, soybean and wheat prices.